Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2 Review

The animation of this anime screams Ufotable so much, even if I didn’t know beforehand, I’d still suspect the studio that made the Fate/Series is behind this show as well. Other than for Studio Ghibli, I don’t know of any other studio that have such a signature animation. This might not sound impressive to more seasoned fans, but whenever I notice those sort of things I feel like a more experience anime fan.

Alright, let’s review episode 2. Well, I don’t have much to say honestly, that is usually a bad sign, but not this time, I like this show so far. It didn’t waste anytime in getting to it’s next plot event, where Tanjiro gets acknowledged by the old man as a student. I know some series who would’ve taken 3 episodes for the journey and an extra 4th episode for the acknowledgement, leaving us with 5 more episodes for anything else. Those are the ones I tend to be disappointed with. 

I do look forward to seeing development in Nezuko, she was quite blank during the 1st episode, but that’s understandable considering what happened to her, but because she survived, that makes her this much more interesting. I want to see how she will develop and what will happen to her considering she’s still a demon and still starving !

Also, I see Tanjiro is climbing the ranks of a great character, I say this based on one thing he said during the test. While he was being assaulted by the traps, he realized that traps set by humans had a slightly different smell and he could recognize them, but admitted that this discovery didn’t mean he was suddenly athletic enough to avoid them. For some reason, when he said that I instantly started to like him a lot more. Also, let’s not forget when he increased the flow of money in the economy when he didn’t have to ! 

I hope we get to see the big picture soon of what is going on in the world and who are the demons slayers and all that. And it seems I’ll keep watching & reviewing this series.


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