Fairy Gone Episode 2 Review

Fairy Gone yet again fails to deliver in terms of direction in its episodes. Episode 2 gave us a lot of action, but we have yet to see a purpose for all of it.

The episode started with a flashback from Free and Marlya, showing brief, meaningful moments of their pasts, and then it fast forwards to present day. They are assigned a mission to intercept an illegal trade deal of… robots? But then, things escalate and a fight is initiated by the buying party against Marlya’s group. The man happens to be a skilled fairy soldier, and you guessed it, it’s another rogue blondie doing illegal stuff, but this time, it isn’t Marlya’s friend. Enter Wolfram Row, Free’s comrade during the war we had seen in his flashback last episode.

Screenshot (684).png

Okay I’ll get to the point now. With the perspective the story started with, a huge war that apparently changed the world, it set the stage for so much more than what it’s currently offering and that it is quite disappointing. Apparently, Marlya and Free, the main characters, only want to see their blonde friends, but here we are in such a grand setting of post-war era, with a lot actually going on. I don’t understand why the plot would have us focus on two characters and their friendship breakups. 

In most stories, the plot establishes direction loud and clear, “I will kill all titans”, “I will kill all demons and turn you back”, ” I will kill all the vampires”, “We will escape from here”… and so on. I’m not saying Fairy Gone needs to have a similar slogan in order to confidently move on with its plot, but it needs to make statement as to where it’s going and why, and this would be giving us an idea of where and how we might expect things to progress and then from there the roller coaster ride would start.

After episode 1, we meet the main character and the next thing we know is that she has dedicated her life to finding her friend… now why should we care? What is she going to do when she finds her? Talk-no-jutsu?  Where in the world is this series going? The flashbacks at the beginning I think were meant to draw some emotions out of the audience, but I felt like it was a reach, they should’ve been there since the first episode, now they just look like they’re trying to make us care. Or it might just be me and my plain disinterest in this series growing. 

Screenshot (669).png
Not Impressed

A lot of anime tend to use a tragic event in order to grab the audience’s attention and in doing so, help us empathize with the main character(s) so that we root for them in whatever they decide to do, of course provided it has enough weight to make sense and keep us hooked, otherwise we’d get bored. Chasing a friend isn’t a bad thing, I mean look at Naruto, but if we didn’t know or cared about Sasuke, we would be annoyed or even bored at the story for spending so much time in getting Naruto to try to find and bring him back, especially since we know of all the other things that were going on in the series. And that’s what Fairy Gone’s doing, I do not care for Veronica or Marlya, so this whole plot thread is just not it for me, it feels like a side thread that is taking up space. 

So, it isn’t as if I’m saying the whole thing is bad because Marlya is chasing Veronica or Free is chasing Wolf. As I mentioned it could’ve been an attractive and interesting route, but there was a really bad execution in getting the audience involved into the characters in order to make them want to see Marlya find Veronica and do whatever she intends to do. They talked about that burnt forest in episode 1, but a few flashbacks won’t do.

So thus far, I’m still on the same tone I was for last episode, but like always I tend to be generous, I will give this series another chance in case this is the plot’s idea of some sort of twist. I hope it doesn’t turn out like Another or Tokyo Ghoul: RE where I gave them many chances only to be majorly disappointed. It also takes quite the something for me to drop an anime even tough it presented itself with so many flaws already. So, I will see you for episode 3.  


4 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Episode 2 Review

  1. Agreed. They’ve not developed the character in such a way as to make us care. There’s been no real hook and just lots of cool designs and world-building. At this stage the viewer could easily walk away because there’s nothing we’d be worried about.

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