Fairy Gone Episode 3 Review

Arcame, Gui Carlin, Dorothea, Fairy Imaginals etc… This episode bombarded us with new information, but it seems this time we have something we can stick with, the Fairy Tome. 

This anime has been slacking big time so far, and even though it hasn’t redeemed itself yet, the formal, detailed introduction of the Fairy Tome gave us something to ponder about in how its influence as such a major item will affect the characters’ journey and discover what role it truly plays in their world. 

Screenshot (739).png

I mentioned before that flashbacks were not enough to bridge an attachment between viewers and characters, but it seems they haven’t listened. My issue is that although Free and Marlya are the main characters, there is barely anything that keeps me interested in them. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s because I’m curious about their world, its events, Fairies, Fairy soldiers, and the role of the Fairy Tome, almost like a bible, and in how everything comes together that keeps me going. Character input is very important, but so far it’s disappointing, but at least plot wise, we got a faint glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel that encourages me to keep watching. 

Now can we talk about how ridiculous that robbery and chase was. You have 2 skilled fairy soldiers, and one other, and they’re struggling this much to catch that one thief. It made matters worse when he just happened to slip in between their fingers, I wouldn’t be surprised if the tome he left was a fake and he escaped with the real one, but that would be disastrously disappointing. That part of the episode seemed like a cheap attempt at including action in the episode while consuming precious minutes. I did like the final showdown between Free and Bitter, however. 

I have to say this episode was relatively more interesting than the previous two, it still has a long way to go before I can say that I’m starting to like it, but even baby steps are something, so let’s see where goes from there. 




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