Demon Slayer Episode 4 Review

This anime is making really good use of my time, I’m so glad I got into it. 

Demon Slayer blesses our Saturdays yet again with an amazing episode. I’m going to discuss a little more than I usually do simply because I really liked this episode and a lot happened. 

The episode started with Tanjiro giving us some valuable advice that he learned through his training about slicing things. I memorized all of them just in case. After Tanjiro sliced the boulder, Mr. Urokodaki, stumped, congratulated him and prepared him a much deserved celebratory meal for reaching this milestone, which we later find out to be more than what it seemed, as this rock was apparently the largest any Urokodaki student has ever had to slice. 


Now let’s get to my favorite part of the episode, the trial selection. Being an organization not even recognized by the government, it’s no wonder the Selection wasn’t a flashy, Grand Magic Games type of event, but there was still a lot of tension and anticipation. After a brief speech from the twins, I thought they were awesome for some reason, the scene skips to Tanjiro running across a forest concocting a plan in mind, the trial selection had started. 


Screenshot (761)

When Tanjiro got attacked by the two demons, I loved how he simply put his training into practice and sliced both of their heads off. It took him a while to get it together, which is understandable, but he still pulled through and did great. 

Screenshot (779)

Then came that THING. A hideous monstrosity holding a participant in hand while chasing another showed up. The mere sight of the abomination and its smell were enough to have Tanjiro frozen in place, but the cry of desperation from a fellow participant prompts Tanjiro to take action.

  • At that point, I honestly did not want Tanjiro to engage because I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him, and also I expected there would be a third party intervention that would save the day. 

Well, there wasn’t and I’m actually glad there wasn’t. Tanjiro braced himself, and pulled an amazing water wheel combo and slashed that monster’s arms. That moment was simply amazing. I have to add that even though the sword abilities’ animation clearly stands out from the rest of the animation, I don’t mind it at all, it resembles a comic book and I quite like it. 

After that came a horrible revelation. After their disappearance, I thought Sabito and Makomo were either spirits that inhabited the forest, or spirits of dead students from Mr. Urokodaki, and it seems the latter was the correct one, but I would’ve never imagined they had died in this way.

  • Let me tell you how my blood boiled when that monstrosity was bragging about having killed them and shared all of the gory details. I felt really sad for Makomo and Sabito, especially after seeing the hits they took. I wanted that thing dead, and Tanjiro seemed to have agreed with me as he braced himself even more, remembered his training, and through a fast pace, amazing sequence of action, sliced that monster’s neck with the power of all the dead Urokodaki students. Whew. ! 
Screenshot (804)
My reaction exactly

Then the episode ended. There was no cliffhanger, because this show already knows it has us hooked and that we’ll come back anyway. I loved this episode, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the selection trial, especially with the introduction of the characters they hinted at in this episode as Tanjiro arrived on the mountain. Enjoy these screenshots that didn’t make it in between the text. 


3 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 4 Review

  1. This episode was excellent. I loved how Urokodaki had actively been trying to stop Tanjiro from progressing, but couldn’t hold him back any longer. Then the morphed demon bragging about killing Sabito and Makomo, like you I wanted that thing dead. This was easily the best episode yet, but I’m loving all of this series. Already my favourite of the season.

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      1. I’m waiting for season 3 of AoT to finish before watching it. I’ve read all the manga, so I’m not worried about spoilers and I binged each of the previous seasons so it feels like the right way to do it. I’m definitely excited for it though. I love that series.


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