Fairy Gone Episode 4 Review

Last episode we saw the Fairy Tome get stolen, episode 4 brings us its retrieval, but then it gets stolen again.

Okay, I’m not mad at it, but really. 

The episode begins with Free’s showdown against Bitter to retrieve the Tome, in the altercation, Marlya intervenes and pushes her boundaries causing her to collapse, but her intervention proves useful as they were able to get the tome. 

Later, Bitter plots behind the scenes to get her associate Patricia to get the tome back, which the latter achieves with relative ease. Almost too easy even, I don’t doubt her skills as a mafia level thief, but come on.  

Screenshot (854).png

Then what ensues is a chase that leads the duo to catacombs where they face the enemy, Patricia and Jonathan. Jonathan is quite the creepy, psychopathic type of killer, and through some very slithering moves he manages to stab Marlya and the latter is left defenseless as she cannot summon her Fairy. And then, we get third party intervention, Marlya’s supehero, Veronica shows up ready to protect her childhood friend, and the episode ends. 

The episodes of this anime don’t really make a statement by themselves, it’s almost as if you would have to watch two or three consecutively to fully come up with a reasoning or an understanding of what’s happening. With the other anime I’m reviewing this season, every single episode brings something to the table and leaves us with a lot to talk about and builds much stronger connections with the story and its characters than the way Fairy Gone is going about it.

I almost have nothing to say in general about that episode, I would have to be nitpicking in order to write this post, and it shows how far I would have to go to find something to dissect and talk about. The last series I had this issue with was Tokyo Ghoul RE, where most episodes were pretty flat and I had nothing to say, that series ended up really bad in my ratings.

For now, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for Fairy Gone, I’ll keep watching and reviewing, but this is what I’m seeing so far. On a much lighter note, I like how it seems we are getting into the thick of things, very slowly but surely, the show is establishing the factions, the good and bad characters and important plot devices such as the tome and childhood or past connections, driving the story forward. I wanted to end on a more positive note, because despite my criticism on it, I’m still watching, so I wanted to let you guys know I don’t think its doomed for them, it’s just started very slow and boring, but seems it’s getting there, hopefully.

Screenshot (829).png

4 thoughts on “Fairy Gone Episode 4 Review

  1. Yeah, after last week’s episode that felt like it was starting to build something, this one just seemed to go flat. I still feel like we’re missing some big consequence like if you don’t get the Black Fairy Tome, the world will end. I want to like this series, but it seems to be making it harder and harder.

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    1. That is very true ! Something like a time pressure or a consequence factor relating to not being able to retrieve the tome is missing. What would happen if the enemy had it? We don’t know, what happens after the duo takes it to the ministry we don’t know, are they going to introduce new characters yet again or use another of their boring methods. I’m being too nice on this show.

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      1. It’s a shame because I really want it to get good and after last week I thought we were moving in the right direction, but this one didn’t build on that for me.

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