Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba – Episode 5 Review

Guys this episode was so emotional, I realized I am much more invested in this show than I thought I was and that’s mainly because of Tanjiro.

The episode follows through with the slicing of the morphed demon’s neck, and after that we dive into the demon’s former life as a human. It really painted a strong picture of how corrupt demon entities are and that no matter how caring, loving, sweet, or kind human you used to be, it all flips over to its opposite once you become a demon. It’s no wonder Giyu was shocked to see Nezuko protect Tanjiro and proceeded to recommend them to Urokodaki.

Despite my personal dislike of this demon, after Tanjiro’s reaction and his words of farewell plus the flashbacks of the morphed demon’s previous life, I couldn’t help but feel sorry too. Tanjiro really went the extra mile there and looked past the demon’s sins, personal harm and harm to the other students of Urokodaki, and wished him a better next life. Knowing what Tanjiro has been through, it wouldn’t be unusual to think he’d resent any and all demons and would want to annihilate them and much less feel sorry for them. Seeing him act like that, which to me was completely unexpected, really sets Tanjiro apart. I used to think Gon from HxH was the purest soul, well Tanjiro just tied in that spot. 

Tanjiro was only able to feel sorry for the demon because he could smell the sadness this demon carried, other slayers without that ability are probably never privy to their slayee’s innermost feelings, ( Slayee? I know, please overlook) and I wonder if they can truly send the souls within the demons to rest in peace as Tanjiro did. It’s possible Tanjiro may have just been extra as simply slaying a demon probably yields the same results, but I’m still glad he did that because it showed another great side of him I didn’t know he had. Also, that demon shed tears shortly before disappearing, so it seems they aren’t totally devoid of soft emotions, you just have to know where to hit, and Tanjiro nailed it.

I wonder if that could change a demon, as in could he somehow get to the demon’s heart with his words before killing him and turn the demon into a sort of ally. The wording of this sentence makes the approach look rushed, but you get what I’m saying right? I hope.

Screenshot (859).png

I love how we got to see a bit of personality from the other survivors, the little man who was acting smart was pretty rowdy, and I’m glad Tanjiro put him in his place. I look forward to seeing those characters more. 

The next touching part was when Tanjiro came back, he was crying so much when he saw Nezuko awake, I wanted to cry too, I was really happy for him. Then came a surprised Urokodaki, and the three hugged and made everything better. The final minutes of the episode were pretty lighthearted and fun, much needed, as we meet Tanjiro’s new aide? Sidekick? and his brand new, custom made, color changing sword.

The story is building up beautifully and I cannot wait to see what the remaining 20 or so episode have in store for us. 



3 thoughts on “Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba – Episode 5 Review

    1. The feels ! Another great episode packed with emotions. I liked how by the ending, with Tanjiro’s first assignment, they already set the tone for the next episode. I’m so glad this series is 24 eps.

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