Is Fairy Gone Really Worth it? Episode 5 Review

And here I thought this anime was making progress. It takes one step forward but takes 10 steps backwards at same time. spoilers ahead

What exactly was the point of this episode. We start out with childhood Marlya and Veronica, I guess they wanted to emphasize her entrance when she saved Marlya, but after that, she proceeded to do the exact same thing she did in ep 1, tell Marlya that the Veronica she knew is dead and disappears. So where does that leave us? Back to square one, and I’m sorry I don’t care enough to keep going. 

After establishing the importance of the fairy tome and all, the show really had set a sort of atmosphere and a path for more story development, but in this episode shortly after the retrieval of the tome, which was basically given back to them, the main cast ends up at a bar where pointless conversations ensue and manage to last long enough for the episode to end. Very bold of this show to end an episode without a cliffhanger.

So when exactly are we supposed to get excited, anxious or emotional about character deaths, or other epic things happening in this anime, because so far, it’s pretty flat. I think if someone is to watch this anime it would have to be binged. This show’s pace and content are simply not hooking enough to be delivered on a weekly basis. If all 24 episode had been available, within 2 days I would’ve reached halfway and then maybe I’d have a different perception of this anime.

The way it is now, especially compared to other titles this season, is simply not appealing to me. It’s not only slow and boring, but it severely lacks in making a statement, establishing direction in each episode, and building a connection between its characters and the audience. We have no idea what the goal of the mafia is when they obtain the tome. How many more people have to gasp at Marlya’s fairy for us to finally know the reason? How many attempts at stealing the tome have to happen for us to know why the bad guys want this tome? When are we supposed to start caring about the characters? It’s lacking in so many areas that I’m just not interested into seeing how it develops anymore.

anime straight face
Me before Marlya was stabbed. Me after Marlya was stabbed

My next review if not this one might be my last for this show, I might revisit it later on, after all episodes have aired and I’ll just binge it. I also might post an update if I change my mind about the show later on, but so far it’s not it. I’ll keep reading reviews about it to see how it fares, but this review is likely to be the last for Fairy Gone. I haven’t read a single positive review about this series so far, but I’m pretty sure some people probably enjoy it. If you do, please let me know in details. I guess I’ll start reviewing Attack on Titan, I’m not sure, but I really want to fill the gap this will cause. 

We’ll see what happens next week, thanks for understanding. 


4 thoughts on “Is Fairy Gone Really Worth it? Episode 5 Review

  1. At this rate I could end up as the official reviewer for Fairy Gone. I completely understand why you’d want to drop it, Hell, if I wasn’t so stubborn I would do the same.

    I always say that five episodes is what it takes for me to really bond with the characters, but this hasn’t happened. It can happen sooner, but usually by five I know whether I need to see what happens to them or not. At the moment, I’ve got nothing. No interest in them at all. And like you say, I’ve still no idea what the actual story is or what the consequences are.

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    1. I tend to be stubborn too, but if at least I had great character to attach myself too while the story figures itself out. I might have stayed much longer if that was the case, but since they lack that with all of the missing plot elements, I just didn’t want to keep going, and my post would’ve started sounding the same review after review.

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