Demon Slayer Episode 6 Review

Demon Slayer manages to bring some substance to the table even in its rather ordinary episodes. 

Episode 6 wasn’t as intricate or intense as the previous ones, we didn’t see or learn about anything completely new, the tension is certainly decreasing, but they didn’t let that bring down the value of the episode.

  • I really liked to see the father and son moments between Tanjiro and Urokodaki, it’s as if they are taking the place of what’s been missing in each other’s life and completing it for each other and it’s really satisfying. 


There were certainly some awesome moments in this episode, but I feel like we’re in that “what’s next” phase. Usually, episodes tend to get a little flat there as the plot re calibrates itself to a new focus, and it seems Muzan Kibutsuji is what this episode wanted to establish, possibly the main antagonist of the series. And not just that, it’s also showing us how frightening Blood Demon Art can be and how Tanjiro fares against it, and let’s not forget Nezuko’s part. She was amazing in this episode, after seeing very little of her over the past 6 episodes, I think now she will take center stage along with her brother as they fight their way to a potential cure or “turn-back” spell for her. I would really want to see that, her fighting alongside Tanjiro that is. 

Screenshot (886).png

Now that the story has established a new direction for Tanjiro, it gives us an idea as to how we can expect the story to progress and episodes are not likely to look as if Tanjiro is aimlessly fighting without a lead to find the cure. Now that we have a lead, Muzan, Tanjiro can focus his aim and center the plot around his journey to him to find the answer, in other words, beat the cure out of a master demon, and I’m very much here for it.

Overall, this was a good episode, some action and more importantly we now know of an antagonist, and it seems Nezuko will be more present in the story from now. Looking forward to more. I love this show so far. 

Screenshot (889).png



2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 6 Review

  1. Agreed, the moments between Tanjiro and Urokodaki are very good. I like what you’ve said about them each feeling a void in the other’s life. Also, I can’t wait for Nezuko to get going too. Loved it when she popped out of the box and spun that demon’s head.

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