After Episode 3 I Had To – Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 1- 3 Review

To review or not to review AOT’s new season?

Attack on Titan returns with its amazing animation, soundtracks and story line, but the thing is, the show has been circulating around Eren’s basement for almost the past 2 seasons now, and I think now of all times is the time to finally reveal what in the world lies in there. 

Some fans of the series have said they could drop the series if the show slacks so much in getting to its point. Although that’s generally the way to look at any anime, I personally think AOT has a lot more that it offers that kind of makes up for the beating around the bush, well at least for me, but even I have limits when it comes to that.

Episode 1-2

Now, about the first and second episode, I really liked them. 

  • A quick summary: After the events of season 2 where we learn that Greisha Jeager left a clue to humanity’s history in his basement, Erwin and the corps head to Wall Maria, the very town where it all started to retrieve the highly coveted information in Eren’s basement. However, let’s not forget that this Wall is the base of the Titan shifters, Reiner, Berthold and Beast Titan. So as you could guess, as the mission starts, Armin sniffs out Reiner forcing him to transform and wreak havoc, but the Beast titan also appears outside the walls with a legion of titans and corners the corps.  

AOT has a knack for delivering breathtaking moments in the show, and if Levi going berserk on Reiner wasn’t it for you, Beast titan suddenly appearing with an army of titans, and subsequently throwing a whole boulder at precise aim to corner the corps, probably was. It might’ve seemed like it was all doom and gloom for the corps, but Hange’s new invention and Eren’s new ability really pulled through for the corps.

Episode 2 ended with a defeated Reiner at the hands of the thunder spears from the Hange squad. 

Screenshot (921).png

Episode 3

I was unsure about reviewing Attack on Titan, I didn’t know if I wanted to do it, or if anyone would be interested. However, after the third episode, when my blood contoured my whole body 100 times per minute of the episode, that was reason enough to get my thoughts in writing and share with whoever cares. 

If you haven’t seen this episode, even if you are ready for spoilers, go watch it and then come back. 

The episode starts with a flashback moment from when Titan Eren plugged the hole in Wall Maria with a giant boulder. That mission was also the one in which Marco lost his life. From all the ruckus and titan attacks that happened, it was safe to assume that Marco lost his life while either fighting a titan or attempting to escape from one. Armin picked up some inconsistencies such as the missing ODM gear, but the death of their comrade and friend was shocking enough to put logical deductions to rest, especially since they had no reason to think he died otherwise. 

Screenshot (891).png

However, the show didn’t think we hated Reiner and Berthold enough, so it decided to let us in on something they did to fuel our blood pressures. Let me tell you how revolted I was, even more so than when I learned of that morphed demon’s “accomplishments” in Demon Slayer, when I learned that Annie, Reiner and Berthold were the ones responsible for Marco’s death. And no, not in the indirect way of breaking the wall to let the titans in, they physically captured the poor boy, stripped him of his gear, and left the sobbing, helpless man to die at the hands of a passing titan. All because he had overheard their conversation. I was shocked, angry and sad all at the same time. My disdain for this trio grew even more, I could not believe what I had seen. However, I have to add that none of them seem in their right mind, especially Reiner. Annie and Berthold are more steadfast, but Reiner seems to be going through some severe mental issues. Reiner reminds me a little of Isabella from The Promised Neverland in that aspect. 

I don’t know if they could ever redeem themselves in my eyes, but this show has come at me in the most unexpected ways I’ve ever experienced in any anime, so you never know.

If that wasn’t enough for one episode, towards the end, Berthold jumps in to help defeated Reiner, but Armin proposes a truce. However, usually hesitant Bertholdt flips and suddenly becomes confident and determined, he proceeds to voice his hatred for humankind to Armin, refuses his truce, and carries on with their plan to annihilate them and all humans. 

Berthold pulled an aggressive move on the corps, possibly having killed the entire Hange squad that had been separated after his intervention, leaving only Armin, Mikasa, Titan Eren, Sasha, Conny, and Jean to defeat him while the remainder of Hange’s squad remains MIA, including Hange. The tension has definitely built successfully and I can’t wait for next episode. I was on the edge of my seat ever since the beginning of this episode, I’m very much looking forward to what’s going to happen next. 



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