Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 7 Review

Kibutsuji Muzan did not have to show off this hard, but here we are.  

The episode started with the continuation of the fight, we see Nezuko and Tanjiro teaming up to fight the morphed. Tanjiro notices how strong his sister is and decides to leave the surface demon to her, while he takes care of the other two on their home turf.

  • Now I have to say, I was a little worried I’d see some plot armor action going for Tanjiro. If you don’t know, I do not like plot armor at all! It can change my whole perspective of a show. Don’t get me wrong, I know he is a main character and that there is bound to be some sort of armor, that’s fine, but when the writers take it to  Fairytail level, it’s very disappointing. 
  • Thankfully, the writers actually used viable reasons to demonstrate why Tanjiro would be able to defeat a morphed demon in their own territory, on unstable footing, surrounded by thin air and darkness. His training on the mountain for over a year, and an all-encompassing water technique that settled it. I was satisfied. 

It’s also worthy to note how the morphed was impressed with Nezuko’s skills. He said something about someone having fed her a lot of blood, I assumed he meant Muzan fed her his blood to turn her. But then after seeing how Muzan turned a human into a demon in a matter of seconds by slicing their neck with his claws, I was unsure. Maybe he has turning preferences. 

On a side note, after defeating the demon and rescuing the two, the scene where Kazumi shoved Tanjiro asking him how he could possibly understand how he felt. It was pretty powerful to see how by the simple touch of Tanjiro’s hardened hands and a smile hiding the pain Kazumi did not know Tanjiro carried, conveyed the entire story. Tanjiro did not need to say a word for Kazumi to understand. And that little wave he did at the end added a lot to the emotion that little moment already carried.

Screenshot (935).png



Now the last part. I honestly wanted Tanjiro to enjoy his ramen and rest up, but Muzan decided to take a stroll down the city. I bet he was quite surprised to see a young demon slayer finding him like this, but the real surprise was for both us and Tanjiro. Muzan has a wife and daughter ! The dilemma this could cause for our kind-hearted mc. Muzan also looks very human, almost like Nezuko, I guess you do not have to be a morphed to be a powerful demon, perhaps those that keep a more human appearance are stronger, and I really like how he is a fierce, mysterious, handsome, and overall cool looking character, but we could argue that these are the basic requirements of a main villain right? Just look at Aizen or Madara. 

That ending was pretty cliff-hanger-ish, we could probably expect a fight right off the bat for next episode, and I’m really looking forward to it, as always.




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