Attack on Titan Season 3-B Episode 4 Review

I take it back, it is all doom and gloom for the scouts !

That episode was heartbreaking and overall very dark. While the remainder of Hange squad remains powerless against Bertholdt, on the other side, Beast titan levels the battlefield with powerful volleys of crushed boulder, creating a sea of dust and blood as the scouts are shredded by the sheer force of the tiny rock pellets. That scene was horrible.

The remainder of the corps hid behind what remained of the battlefield to come up with a plan, however Erwin was at his wits end, the enemy was absolutely overbearing. Despite burdened by his heavy heart carrying the weight of his fallen soldiers, and the heartbreaking decision to let his dream, finally within reach, die only hoping to create an opening slim enough to allow for a chance at “victory”, Erwin’s speech to his remaining squad was very direct, and raw, and it persuaded them of giving their heart one last time, and that if they are to die, it is better to do so while fighting.

  • I felt horrible for Erwin. What a great commander he is, there is no doubt that the scouts would not be who they are today without him. As tough and stubborn Levi can be, he acknowledged Erwin’s skill as a commander, which already says a lot. 

When the scouts were ready, they deployed for one insane cavalry charge, to their certain death right in the crosshair of beast titan’s throws. This endeavor required everything the scouts had left in them for a very slim chance of success. Levi’s determination to put his life on the line to defeat the beast titan and the helplessness of the Eren squad really plunged the episode in even more darkness as I did not see a way out for them, at all. Levi stated that if at least Eren survives, they’ll be okay, but personally I don’t think that will be the case.

This episode also showed us the real power of the titan shifters, Colossal Titan is extremely powerful, the three of them could end the lives of all people living inside the walls, it raises the question of why aren’t they doing that since that is apparently their goal. 

The final moments of the episode, when beast titan threw another volley at the cavalry charge one pellet hits Erwin, seemingly fatally. I honestly don’t want him to die, but at this point I don’t know how any of the scouts will survive. Eren is out of commission, the remainder of Hange squad can’t do anything against Bertholdt, and now Reiner is back in action. Eren had best put his coordinator mindset on and somehow turn the tables, even if it’s just for a few survivors. 

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