Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 8 Review

I don’ want to sound redundant, but I loved this episode.

Episode 8 covered a lot, new information was revealed, new questions were raised and overall this episode refreshed and upgraded the plot’s direction, making it more complex in a good way. 

The first thing that stood out was obviously the Dr. Tamayo and her assistant, Yushiro. After Tanjiro verbally threatened Muzan, what seemed to be a Blood Art spell was cast, enveloping the group in a flowery medley. It was a little odd considering they were in the middle of a shocked crowd that has no conception of this supernatural, but I’ll let it slide. 

Screenshot (1007)

  • That part, combined with the information shared at the ending broadened my views about demons. To think there could be demons powerful enough to master blood art, but disciplined enough to not feed on human flesh directly. I used discipline here, but I’m also taking into account the fact that Tamayo “tweaked” their bodies. Not to mention, she turned Yushiro into a demon, a feat believed only achievable by Muzan, even from Urokodaki. I suspect we can expect Dr. Tamayo to be quite strong. Tanjiro said even their scent was different, there is something very mysterious about this, but it makes it all more interesting.

Now, it raises the question of how can Nezuko be this powerful considering she never had blood. Yes she slept for two years, but is that really it, we saw what happens when Muzan gives too much blood during turning, so Nezuko might’ve gotten a normal amount after all. Dr. Tamako is more than 200 years old, at any time she could’ve slept too. At this point I’m speculating, but I think there has to be something more about Nezuko.

On that note, let’s take a moment to appreciate how cute Nezuko was in this episode, Yushiro clearly needs a pair of glasses with the strongest magnifiers, I totally understood Tanjiro’s reaction. 

Screenshot (1010)


sate, sate, sate… About Muzan, it seems like he was really annoyed at Tanjiro’s words. Tanjiro shouted a solid threat and no matter how strong Muzan might be, it was absolutely worth taking it seriously, it’s no wonder he ordered him killed. In general, some villains have a tendency to underestimate their protagonist opponent, only to lose to them the second time they encounter. But, more interestingly, it would seem Tanjiro is a “reincarnation” or descendant of some super powerful, ancient warrior who happened to wear the same earrings as Tanjiro. The earring situation is a little far fetched, but the man had almost the same silhouette as Tanjiro, only a bit more grown. In Muzan’s flashback, that man had young Muzan on the ground, but why is Muzan still alive today? More questions arise. 

Screenshot (1008).png
His blade is red… Tanjiro’s is black despite the both of them looking very similar.

Also, who knew Muzan was so concerned about his appearance, he snapped on those poor people that made pretty realistic commentary about his appearance. I knew the anime would’ve used a group of people as a scapegoat to showcase him, but didn’t anticipate it would happen like this. The poor girl died horribly, it may have been pretty insignificant to the story, but it was very unpleasant to watch. 

Overall, Tanjiro finally found a shred of answer to his ultimate quest, turning Nezuko back to human. He now has a new duty that will complicate his already difficult job, to collect blood samples, but it will help us see just how far he is willing to go for Nezuko, and the perfect guinea pigs showed up right to him, how convenient. 

I’m looking forward to the answers this episode raised, hopefully next episode we’ll be enlightened on at least one of them.

Screenshot (1017).png
Yeah and? What are you going to do about it, grab me thru the screen? 
Screenshot (1009).png
You better tell him
Screenshot (1013).png
Petition to rename cats to Nezuko, instead of Neko. I will submit it to the Japanese gvmt

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