Attack on Titan Season 3-B Episode 5 Review

This season with only five episodes in has got to be the most horrific season of Attack on Titan so far. This post will contain spoilers

Ever since the ambush came about, the atmosphere surrounding the corps got very, very dark. There was seemingly no way out, and we were completely unsure of whether any of them would survive, despite the fact that there were main characters within the group. Episode 5 brings us a turn of tables, but a terrible cost. 

Following the fatal cavalry charge the corps undertook, they bravely forsook their lives for the sake of this mission and for the hope of saving at least one person. I was so proud to see it come to a success when the absolutely amazing Levi shredded the beast titan, and ripped him out of the nape. That moment I replayed more than twice to absorb completely.

One thing I noted in this episode were the amount of unexpected, dramatic setbacks the characters faced despite already being at a disadvantage. The plot has no mercy. The first was when the quadruped titan rescued the beast titan from Levi’s blade, the second was when Sasha got hit and was unable to fire her thunder spear, and even though Hange showed up in time, Mikasa was ready to sacrifice her life in order to get Reiner out of the nape. Those moments really brought out a different, mature and determined side in our characters. But let’s take a whole moment to discuss Erwin and Armin. 

Never in a million years would I have ever excepted Armin to die like this and so soon. I thought Armin would always be by Eren and Mikasa’s side. Even when he was blasted a second time by Bertholdt, I still thought there was no way Armin was going to die, until the scene finally prove me wrong. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

The way he spoke to Eren shortly before he acted reassured me that there wasn’t going to be anything too dangerous as Armin even said it himself, and I felt like Eren was also trusting his word. However, Armin had already made up his mind to leave his life and dream in the hands of Eren, and we can all agree that Armin displayed incredible courage and saved all the remaining survivors by buying Eren enough time to snatch Bertholdt out of the nape.

My previous post outlined pretty much all the things I admired about Erwin, and now his death will deal a serious blow to the scouts. Well, I don’t even know if the scouts are still a thing now. Armin and Erwin’s death will really hurt all of our main characters, their lives, the truth of the basement and the mission’s success is all thanks to the bravery of everyone who gave their life for it. Levi will have to fulfill Erwin’s dream in his place, while Eren, Armin’s. With Reiner and Berthold now likely to be captured, things are progressing. 

This was really sad, I had to get myself together before writing this post, I could not believe such a promising character such as Armin would die so soon. The season is only 5 episodes in so there is a lot more to come and while I’m looking forward to it, I’m now bracing myself. 

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