Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9 Review – Adapt and Overcome

I don’t usually title my reviews, but this was so fitting I just had to put it in.

With last episode’s ending, we could’ve expected one hell of a fight, the entire episode 9 covered the fight and it did not disappoint.

Before we get into the crazy moments of the battles, I want to highlight a few things Tanjiro did that in the heat of the moment might have fallen under the radar. When Susamaru was repeatedly hitting the room with multiple, deadly hits, Tanjiro had himself, Nezuko, Dr. Tamayo, Yoshino and powerful enemies to worry about, yet he managed to remember of that sleeping human lady sleeping in the back and it was the first thing he told Nezuko to take care of.

  • I thought that was very thoughtful of him, I had completely forgotten about that woman, especially with the surprise attack and everything else going on. I keep thinking Tanjiro is somewhat of a newbie, which even though it is somewhat true, his instincts and quick wits are skills that could have him rival a seasoned slayer. I honestly want to see him meet with Giyu once more, I feel like the latter will be quite impressed and perhaps even proud.  

Screenshot (1093).png

The next thing about Tanjiro is his insane astuteness. I knew he was sharp ever since he completed the mountain training and the selection trials, but what he displayed during the fight against Muzan’s lackeys was very impressive. Susamaru’s throws were terrifying, yet Tanjiro managed to dodge and study them at the same time, and with each throw he counteracted, he devised a new strategy to counter them more effectively, even improvising the usage of his water breathing techniques leading to his ultimate success at the end. 

Now, Yahaba and Susamaru were quite frightening honestly. When she threw the balls and one of them not only swerved unexpectedly but hit Yushiro so hard it decapitated him, I was stunned to see that sight on my screen, it was completely unexpected, not to mention blunt and gory, and it definitely showed us how powerful Susamaru was.


The highlight of this episode had to be Tanjiro vs Yahaba at the end. Tahada’s skill was very powerful. He could basically control Tanjiro’s moves and divert his attacks. He even almost tore Tanjiro’s arm off, but yet again Tanjiro displayed his quick thinking when he spun along the direction of the arrow to nullify its effects, and assimilated that technique with his water attack that ended the battle, brilliant. However, it must be said that Yushiro’s vision was extremely helpful to Tanjiro, as without it, I don’t think Tanjiro or Nezuko would’ve survived a two on two against Muzan’s lackeys. I might just be underestimating them, but Yushiro’s help was practically a prerequisite to fighting Yahaba. 

This episode may have just been a way to let us know how powerful Tanjiro really is. I keep getting impressed by the enemy and keep thinking Tanjiro is green and should retreat, but I keep getting proven wrong and I like that. Even if Tanjiro had outstanding support, his battle skills and quick thinking brought everything together and made for an impressive execution. With Yahaba out of commission, it’s pretty safe to assume Susamaru will be taken out shortly as well and we might even see Tamayo and Yushiro in action.

*There might have been an issue with my images in this post, in the draft I can’t see them even though I’m pretty sure they’re there, so when this publishes, please overlook any repetitive or misplaced image, Thanks.

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