Attack On Titan Episode 55 Review

My emotions are completely topsy-turvy.

I don’t know if I should be happy about the outcome of this episode, or sad because of that same outcome or mad at the author for putting me through episode 5 just to give me episode 6 right after.

As always be wary of spoilers

I had no idea the titan serum could bring someone from the brink of death to full health. I actually thought in order to use the titan serum, the best candidate would be a healthy, fit individual so that the serum would work properly.

As emotive as the episode already was considering what went down in the previous episode. Our remaining characters are presented with a powerful conundrum. Levi has to decide to use the serum between either Erwin or Armin. Ouch !

I completely understood both sides, Eren – Mikasa and Levi – Hange. However, Eren made a very solid argument about Armin’s prowess, stating that they all reached this far thanks to him. Hange and Levi used Erwin’s experience and leadership as skills that were indispensable to their cause, and thus merited the serum. While that was also very true, it reminded of the beginning of the mission when Erwin assigned command to Armin. It wouldn’t be odd to think that Erwin had predicted he would die a long time ago, but I thought he might also have been grooming Armin to be his successor. When I look at Armin’s plans, yes he might take much longer than Erwin to come up with one, but when the results are delivered, they are massive victories. Erwin possess those same qualities, although Armin is younger, he has gathered a whole lot of experience. I was honestly hoping Erwin would find the strength to tell Levi to give Armin the serum, as I believed even Erwin would’ve wanted that as well.

Screenshot (1171).png

After a very heartbreaking conclusion for Mikasa and Eren, Levi decides to inject Erwin. I love how the flashbacks made Levi almost hesitant, because it wasn’t as if Armin was dead weight, not at all, Armin is extremely valuable and Levi knew that. But his personal relationship and the aforementioned skills that the commander possessed made a straightforward answer for Levi. Until my prayers were answered. Erwin might have overheard their situation even if subconsciously, he was probably so against it, but couldn’t find the strength to let them know, until what seemed like a natural reflex, or a conditioned reaction happened just as he was about to get injected. That’s all Levi needed to understand what Erwin meant by that even if that was completely subconscious. Well, if that can happen subconsciously, Levi did not have to guess what a lucid Erwin would say. 

I guess I’ll go with satisfied after all. Erwin is a great loss, but it’s the kind of loss that impacts a story so much, it gets better and the character is immortalized as this amazing, invaluable part of the story. This is what Fairytail should’ve done with Makarov but oh well…

Now, about Berhtoldt. I hated the three of them ever since I knew the truth of what they had done, but surprisingly, I felt bad about Bertholdt’s death. I don’t understand it either, but I think it has to do with what the beast titan told Eren shortly before leaving. That everyone had been brainwashed and that he’d come back to rescue Eren. Now that is quite the food for thought.

If we assume for just one fraction of a second that whatever the titan shifters are doing is right? or just? or justifiable? Where does that leave us and mankind within the walls as we know it. That would also mean killing Bertholdt is a big loss to everyone. But back to the current reality, we don’t know what Bertholdt’s memories are yet, and we might find out along with the basement’s secret in the coming episode hopefully.

That would be big news, and I think it will also let us know about what is the true motive for the shifters’ actions and are they warranted. Is man really the real enemy here? So then is Grisha Jeager the bad guy or was he also brainwashed? This paragraph will become a rubix cube if I continue, so I’ll just end it here. I like where this season is going so far, lots of action and emotional situations but it’s what makes Attack on Titan. 

Screenshot (1194).png


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