Demon Slayer Episode 10 Review

Susamaru and Yahaba were pretty powerful yet they were not even part of the twelve moons. 

I don’t know if they were deceived by Muzan, or if they simply had high hopes for themselves, but this pair of demons was truly impressive. From the invisible arrows to the deadly throws, they stood apart from the demons we’ve seen before, and it wouldn’t be hard to believe they were part of the demon moons, but surprisingly they are too weak. 

Nezuko outdid herself yet again in this episode when she was sort of playing pass-pass with Susamaru. The latter did not expect Nezuko to pack such a kick, especially since her leg was destroyed last time she kicked it. It even surprised Tamayo and Yushiro. It seems Nezuko is getting stronger every fight, and she hasn’t had a drop, not a single droplet of blood has entered her system ever since she turned. What exactly is driving that strength? Muzan might live to regret giving Nezuko so much power, or was that his goal perhaps? We’ll see. 

I was a little uneasy about the brainwashing thing, but till now, I don’t know what to say about it. I don’t like it, but I’m pretty sure there was a solid reason behind it other than to avoid attacking humans. I don’t know why Urokodaki would resort to that. Also, as many other bloggers mentioned, Nezuko is more pet-like than human, which is cute but also weird considering she used to be a regular, functioning human being like her brother, and as we’ve seen with demons so far, they all have a solid personalities, there’s no appearance of regression. Nezuko remains a mystery.

Screenshot (1251).png

Usually, any Nezuko moment that is more than what we see normally becomes my favorite moment in an episode. But this time, it goes to Lady Tamayo. She reminded me a little of Itachi Uchiha from Naruto in the way she was so calm and collected and spoke to her opponent in a provocative yet neutral tone. Her Blood Art resembled a Genjutsu and combined with her words, it flustered Susamaru so much, she triggered the curse. Now we know why teeth grinder was so afraid to answer Tanjiro.

Now why would such a curse exist. What is it about Muzan’s name that has to remain hidden and secret especially since demon slayers know of him already. Lady Tamayo brought up a good point, but I don’t really see it happening. Why would demons want to end Muzan? 

I think their departure is a little soon, but Tanjiro and the story have to move on. I still hope we will see more of Lady Tamayo and Yushiro. At least it seems a new character has joined the duo, another demon slayer this time. It looks like we’ll be in for another little group moment. 

Screenshot (1270).png


Screenshot (1255)
I thought this was so sweet




2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 10 Review

  1. I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Demon Slayer world. It’s turning into a fascinating story with far more depth that it initially gave off. I’ve not really spoken about the hypnosis yet and feel the same way, although it was nice to see Tanjiro say the same thing and show some relief that Nezuko was still able to make the decision herself. Just how strong are the twelve demon moons?

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    1. I know right, so many things we don’t know, but that makes it super intriguing.

      Also, I always love good, mysterious, powerful group of antagonists. Can’t wait to see Tanjiro and friends confront the Twelve Kizuki.

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