Attack on Titan Season 3-B Episode 56 Review

56 episodes later, the secret of the basement is finally revealed. Here I thought I was confused enough by the secrets of this show, but now I am mindblown.

Let’s get a few things out of the way before we dive into the pie. Armin finally wakes up, understandably shaken and in disbelief of Levi’s decision. Bertholdt’s memories weren’t revealed, but in Armin’s head, he was crying. Was it the pain of being eaten or is it something else? 

Eren rushes over to hug his friend, and I thought that was cute. We don’t often see that sweet side of Eren since he’s either angry and screaming or crying and sulking. 

Major Spoilers Below

After a heavy conversation, Armin realizes that he now carries big responsibilities. The group lets him digest the situation and Levi, Hange, Mikasa and Eren finally head to the basement.

I’m going to fast forward and skip the reveal and get to my thoughts. This is a big deal. It is quite the game changer. ” I come from outside the walls, where humanity lives in elegance.” These were Grisha’s words, accompanied by a photograph. A photograph, taken by a camera. This is apparently highly sophisticated and foreign to humanity inside the walls, even though they have ODM Gears. That is honestly an insane piece of information that could change their world’s reality as they know it, I can’t wait for them to read the other books.

Also, can we assume Eren has a half brother because of that picture? Interesting. Let’s not forget the ocean Armin keeps talking about, who wrote the book Armin read that information from? This could be another instance of someone knowing about the sophisticated civilization.

Now, how did Grisha come about to find the walls and live in them? Long enough to have a wife and kid. Although most of what we see of him stems from Eren’s memory and we don’t really know the full truth, but it still begs the question of how the hell did he end up here? How and why did he leave the advanced civilization he used to be a part of, and where does beast titan’s truth fall into that? Who even is Beast Titan first of all.

One more thing, young Erwin brought up a very good point when he mentioned how the history books given by the royal government were very affirmative and borderline biased when it came to humanity outside the walls. Since the scouts never made it very far outside, it’s not right to say that there’s no humanity outside the walls, assuming it, especially for a history book, would be right way to do so. What exactly is the royal government trying to hide? This moment made me want to watch season 3-A all over again to remember what Rod Reiss had said.

Back to the beast titan, why did he sound so confident in what he told Eren. Grisha left actual evidence to his son and mankind inside the walls, of the apparent real truth outside of the walls. Yet we have the titan shifters actively opposing it, even calling it mass brainwashing for some unrevealed reason. 

This season and particularly this episode have revamped my already extreme excitement about this show. I understand why some people are waiting to binge it, but I don’t think I could’ve, even though bingeing seems like a very good idea with AOT. 

Screenshot (1147)
Has it ever occurred to you that you’re so sure about something, or have hunch, but you dismiss it thinking nobody will listen/believe you, only to realize you were right all along…



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