Demon Slayer Episode 11 Review

Well this was my least favorite episode of the season so far.

Its very typical of these anime to introduce a type of loud, “funny” character at some point in the protagonist’s adventure that helps lighten the mood with their over the top reactions and funny commentaries, at least I think that’s what the goal was. The mark was missed however. 

I have to say I do not like yellow hair so far. Zenitsu was very loud, ridiculous, and all over the place, he seems like he would hold Tanjiro back rather than be of any help despite being a demon slayer, but also very typical of these shows is that they usually attribute a special or powerful ability to these characters to justify keeping them around, so that they are not like Mineta from Class 1-A. 

Next thing about this episode was the amount of time the introduction of yellow hair lasted. It was so ridiculous, Tanjiro’s reaction was my face throughout the entire time precious minutes were consumed for this nonsense. And while I do appreciate frivolity, a series doesn’t have to be all serious stuff all the time, this was simply not it for me.

A bit over half the episode, we finally get some serious content, Tanjiro and co. encounter a powerful, blood art using demon. Now, if it wasn’t for the introduction of the mysterious boar head, the episode would’ve been pretty pointless, but as we finally get to see him in action, the episode ends. 

I don’t really expect series to nail every single episode, but I hope they keep this to a minimum. In case Tanjiro’s party grows, I hope it doesn’t turn into a loud, unpleasant bunch that clouds the original duo, and I hope we get some more backstory and revelations soon.

Screenshot (1319).png
We don’t deserve Tanjiro


Screenshot (1327).png
Why do you think?
Screenshot (1325).png
I’m telling you, we don’t deserve him

3 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 11 Review

  1. Agreed, Zenitsu was a complete miss for me too. I felt that the brief comedic moments with Tanjiro were more than enough. This just felt over the top and a distraction from the real action.

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