Attack on Titan Episode 57 Review – What We Know So Far

Nobody was ready for this backstory. So many revelations, backstories and more shared all in one episode, absolutely loved it.

Now I had to find a way to connect the dots and understand everything, otherwise this overload of information would’ve drove me crazy. So I decided to lay it out for all of us. 

Major Extreme Spoilers Ahead Proceed only If you’ve caught up to AOT Season 3 Part 2 Episode 8 or AOT Episode 57.

Screenshot (1346)

Where do I even start. Let’s take it from the top. 

  • This Ymir person allegedly made a contract with the devil to obtain the power of titans. She became the Founding Titan and ruled over the continent of Marley as the Empire of Eldia. When she died, her soul was divided into 9 parts, bringing life to the 9 abilities we know of today. 


  • According to Marleyan history, the Empire of Eldia marked the beginning of a dark age for mankind. Therefore, the original inhabitants of Marley plotted to overthrow the empire and found a way somehow to take a hold of 7 out of the 9 titan abilities. As a result, they took over and the Eldian King and a few of his people retreated to the island of Paradis where they closed themselves off to world, along with the Founding Titan and one other. The Marleyan after that allowed the remaining Eldians to live on the territory. 
  • Grisha Jeager and the restorationists found out that the real history had been altered so that the Marleyans could justify their actions against the Eldians. The piece of evidence Grisha and co. found stated that The Empire of Eldia was in fact an advanced society that created roads and bridges. But something to keep in mind here is the Founding Titan’s ability is to alter people’s memories as we’ve seen with Frieda Reiss. The real truth might be either of the above scenarios or something else altogether. 
  • The Marleyan empire seeks to take over Paradis Island because of its natural resources, but they would need all the titan powers on their side which is why they started to create the Marleyan warriors. Zeke Jeager was chosen by his father to be such warrior. Although they haven’t shown it, I have a pretty solid idea who Zeke Jeager is now. I’m glad they answered my question from last post.


  • Grisha and his crew are betrayed by Zeke and are exiled to Paradis Island as titans. We now know of where the titans come from and of course the horrible revelation of the very titan that hunted Eren’s nightmares is his own step mother.
  • The Owl makes his appearance and transforms into a titan, but his ability is not yet revealed.

I recall from Rod Reiss story, Grisha could turn into a titan. Did he somehow get the owl’s power? Grisha attacked the Reiss Royal family which I assume are the decedents of the Fritz and ate Frieda, essentially obtaining the Founding Titan’s power. He then turned Eren and had him eat him. So we can safely assume that Eren could have both the owl’s ability, which could be the coordinator and Frieda’s ability of the Founding Titan, but he is apparently unable to harness that one because he lacks the proper bloodline. 

I hope I got everything right, as it stands, this is how I’m seeing and understanding the series. As for this episode, there were lots of horrible moments in it, I should be used to them by now, but they keep catching me off guard. When it was revealed that Dina was the titan who ate Eren’s mom, I was in shock. I was in shock the whole episode, but this was something else. But now everything seems to be coming full circle, and I’m really loving that about this season. Undoubtedly, there is a lot more in the shadows and there are so many more things to come, I’m very much looking forward to it.

Screenshot (1391)

Screenshot (1341)
The story may have been trying to tell us something here…


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