Demon Slayer Episode 13 Review

This episode was full of surprises!

Before I discuss the main stuff, let’s discuss Tanjiro vs Kyogai. I wasn’t too happy about Tanjiro’s fight against Kyogai. The fight was great but Kyogai was a Kizuki member, making it into that circle alone is proof of your power, and despite his pretty powerful Tzuzumi Blood Art, Tanjiro defeated him fairly easily. 

Tanjiro is super witty and powerful, but he broke all the bones in his body going against Yahaba who isn’t even a Kizuki member. Therefore, I expected him to not be able to take on Kyogai alone with half his strength from all these injuries, or at least take some heavy damage in trying to defeat him, but the plot decided to armor him. It would’ve been better to see a showdown between Kyogai and the three demon slayers to even out these setbacks more realistically. 

Other than that, I loved the scene where Tanjiro told Kyogai what he thought of his Blood Art and Kyogai actually cried, Tanjiro then wished he rests in peace and left. These scenes are very short but very powerful, they make you think differently about the demons and it adds layers to them. 

Up next is the most surprising moment of the episode, Zenitsu. To think he really went that far for Tanjiro. He knew from the start about the demon Tanjiro was carrying yet didn’t say anything because he trusted the sounds he heard from Tanjiro. He then took a beating for that demon for the sake of Tanjiro. Now that was something I did not expect from him. He was unwavering and determined, traits you wouldn’t normally attribute to him based on what we’ve seen so far.

It does make Zenitsu a lot more interesting and redeemable as a character, he is showing that he is much more than what was seen at first and I might just be willing to put up with him. (I did say might !) They toned him down a little in that episode to really highlight that moment where he protected Nezuko, I really appreciated that. 

Tanjiro had best knock out that boar head for his egregious mistake, how dare he !

Screenshot (1461).png

3 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 13 Review

  1. Yeah, a 3 on 1 situation would have made for a more realistic fight, but I guess that would have made the ending scene hard to get too. Maybe they’re trying to show that his compassion is the strength that few Demon Slayers have and that’s what will get him through. The demon let his guard down for a second when Tanjiro asked him for his name. I dare say that’s never happened to him before.

    It was definitely better having a toned down Zenitsu. If they keep him to that level, I won’t mind.

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