Attack on Titan Episode 58 & 59 Review


What an amazing season

Last week, I couldn’t find the words to review episode 58 of Attack on Titan, not because it was too awesome or anything, I simply couldn’t write anything. It was both puzzling and frustrating as not putting out a review for the episode last week woke me up in the middle of the night. But every time I opened my draft to write the review, I simply couldn’t write anything. I knew it had to do with the episode because I could review other anime just fine. I still don’t know what happened.

Attack on Titan is definitely a show that should be binged. I can’t wait to recommend this series even more avidly now that it has reached incredible development.

Episode 59 was amazing, I liked the idea of telling everyone the news, disclosing the truth already sets Historia’s rule apart from her father’s, despite how quickly and unprepared she was when she assumed the role of queen, she is doing quite well.

I don’t know how Eren dealt with his memories alone for so long. He is protecting Historia by keeping the deepest part of the reveals to himself, that’s very admirable, but I wonder if this can last. If the Founding Titan’s full power becomes a necessity in the next season, things might get nasty. Poor Eren holding all of this in mind is taking a toll on him, he was the unhappiest of the bunch as everyone rejoiced in the large body of salt water, he must be quite depressed.

Now about the little argument between Armin and Floch. As heated as it was, Floch was very correct. I was for Armin getting revived, but I knew that losing Erwin would bring about an irreplaceable loss despite Armin’s incredible potential. So that little argument brought all these points to light along with the scouts and Armin’s true feelings in the matter, I felt that was important so I really liked it. But I have a feeling Armin will prove himself to all of them in season 4. 

When Armin finally got to see the sea, I was so happy for him. However, It’s heartbreaking that Commander Erwin didn’t get to know of the truth he searched and sacrificed so much for, I can’t get over it. But with the real truth now revealed and a more or less clear path lying ahead of our cast, season 4, which is the final season, should pack quite the punch!

I’m glad season 4 was announced, we are getting yet again a definite wait time for another season of a great anime. Looking Forward to it.

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