Demon Slayer Episode 14 Review

That was a fun, lighthearted, and dare I say funny episode.

Usually, I get annoyed with loud, unnecessary noises from characters, but for what this episode brought, I was pretty tolerant towards it and I even liked it at times.

I was grinning and laughing all throughout episode 14, and while it didn’t bring any significant plot development, demon battles or introduced new mysterious, sinister truths, I loved it.

To my surprise, Zenitsu was funny and bearable in this episode, and I am starting to like Inosuke a little. 

The episode started with a very satisfying lesson for Inosuke by Tanjiro for his outrageous transgression. Not simply in harming a fellow demon slayer, but also in trying to kill Nezuko. I did not expect Inosuke to move like that with broken ribs, but then again Tanjiro did just defeat an ex Kizuki with similar injuries. I guess it’s a demon slayer thing. After the headbutt scene, I was surprised Tanjiro was unharmed and still lucid, wherever he’s getting his calcium from, I want it. 

For once, I actually laughed and related to Zenistu’s side commentaries, what do you know, am I starting to like him? Throughout the episode, he was a little more realistic and down to earth with his comical reactions, and wasn’t the loud, annoying Zenitsu making unnecessary complaints. I like this Zenistu. The lawsuit is dropped until further notice.

Some of the funniest moments in this episode I thought was when Tanjiro would twist Inosuke’s provocations against him in the kindest manner. Seeing Inosuke’s reaction at Tanjiro’s clever curve balls was hilarious. 


Also, Nezuko is back ! Although she had quite the unusual welcome with Zenitsu yet again overreacting. He did manifest his thunder breathing without having to fall asleep, however all for such a trivial reason and not even giving Tanjiro the chance to explain himself. Since it was at the end of the episode, I let all this slide, but I wished he lowered it a notch or three.

This episode was necessary because I as mentioned in my previous posts, I was wondering if they would turn into a loud, annoying bunch that overshadowed the original duo as the story progressed, but I’m glad it’s not turning out like this, this episode served as a little entr’acte and I really liked it. I love the new crew and can’t wait to see more of them.

Nezuko - Demon Slayer

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