To The Abandoned Sacred Beast First Impression

In a world where a country, Patria, is torn with a civil war over resources, the North, outnumbered by the South, decides to research into a very strange serum that gave a portion of their troops incredible abilities, calling themselves “Incarnates”. These troops could turn into incredibly powerful monsters and turn the tables of battle in a flash despite the South outnumbering them. 

Screenshot (1592).png

The war continues until these warriors win every battle they encounter against the South. However, the serum’s perceived harmless side effects begin to grow and become outside of anyone’s control. The half human soldiers lose control over their bodies while the ravaging beast side takes over. The only solution was to end the life of these soldiers that go berserk.

Hank is the captain leader of the beasts and the faction along with his childhood friend, Cain, and love interest, Elaine. As the end of the war draws close, more and more beast soldiers go berserk. Elaine feels immense guilt as she was the one who divided this serum. 

The plot twists at the end, where Elaine realizes that HQ is negotiating peace treaties and the war is very close to ending, while that was good news, the incarnates now had no place in this new era, therefore Elaine as the creator of the incarnates took it upon herself to end all of them as they would become an even bigger threat than the war when they go berserk considering she failed to find a cure to halt the madness that takes over them. She shoots Hank but tells him how she feels and that she will join them soon. Cain joins them, but twists the plot yet again as he unexpectedly shoots Elaine and she dies in front of barely conscious Hank, Cain busts out laughing and the scenes ends with Hank falling unconscious.

Hanks wakes up two months later, the war ended, and a new mission upon him, to kill all the remaining Incarnates as they all went berserk. Elaine and Cain are both missing.

I have to say, this is very, very reminiscent of Fairy Gone. It’s pretty much the same exact thing, However 2 episodes in of Sacred Beasts, and I’m already much more involved than I was for Fairy Gone so there’s that.

Also, I was not surprised at Cain’s betrayal, ever since they showed him and in how the story seemed to be peacefully progressing I was wondering whether the story would use him either as a tragic death that impacts Hank or as tragic betrayal that impacts Hank. And it seems we got the latter. I figured the Elaine would be used to spice up either scenario and that’s exactly what happened. However, I am very intrigued as to why Cain would do that and in such a cold hearted manner, I feel so sad for Hank for not simply losing Elaine, and not only by suffering a terrible betrayal but for also having to kill his ex squad members that have gone berserk.

So far I’m liking the show, I’m keeping my expectations low because of the resemblance it has to the abomination Fairy Gone. I don’t know if I’ll be reviewing it episodically, but I’ll keep watching as it progresses to see how I’m enjoying it.

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