Fire Force First Impressions

Fire Force despite being a shounen didn’t get as much promotion as others have such as Dr. Stone, so I was very intrigued as to why I was just now seeing it on the Crunchyroll homepage for the first time.

When I saw the firefighters and their outfits in the featured image, I wasn’t too thrilled, I thought it would be a slice of life type of anime about fire fighters saving people, but the genres and synopsis quickly changed my mind.

Spoiler Alert

When the episode started and the man on the train combusted into an infernal, I was pumped. The episode hadn’t wasted any time in getting me hooked, the design looked amazing, and it was a pretty terrifying scene considering it was a public transit and it showed how suddenly it can happen to people. When the Fire Force joined the fight it was pretty cool, but when Shinra displayed his abilities, it was simply epic, plus the sound effects reminded me of the Fate/Zero series and I love it. 

We got a nice mix of characters and personalities, the captain stood out to me, he was pretty funny and had a nice mentor like attitude towards Shinra. I was surprised to find out he wasn’t a pyrokinetic considering how brave and steadfast he was throughout the episode. I liked the little crew, but the captain and Shinra stood out to me more. Also, I wonder what the role of the sister is, I guess prayer is important however, if she doesn’t fight or have any abilities doesn’t that make her a liability to the group, what if an enemy knocks them out of formation, what is she going to do? I hope there is more to her, otherwise she might just be there to be rescued by most likely Shinra in order to highlight him a lot more.

The show managed to get a lot of information in one episode. Shinra’s backstory was tragic, although typical of shounen protagonists, it was still heartbreaking to see everyone blame him for his mother and brother’s death when he had nothing to do with it.

There wasn’t anything problematic about this episode, I liked it. I’m not sure I’ll review it yet, I can almost never decide right away, but I’ll wait for episode 2 to see if I change my mind.

Screenshot (1682).png


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