Top 5 Anime Characters Who Deserve The World

Some anime characters have gone through so much and have done so much yet benefited so little from their own endeavors that helped so many. Sometimes, they fall under the radar or don’t get as much credit as these characters aren’t always the main ones, or their brave actions is one component in a masterpiece. This list will bring light and credit to some incredible characters I feel deserve everything. 

This post is spoiler free so consume away!

I tried, but as you might now, I don’t like emphasizing on the order, so don’t take the placements too seriously, everyone here deserves all the love in the world.


5-  Kaori Miyazono – Your Lie In April


Not everyone will go so far for you, especially if you don’t want to go anywhere yourself. However, Kaori Miyazono was willing to do that. Kousei was in such a state of depression, life was grey, and despite his attempts at fixing it, nothing happened. When Kaori entered his life, and started to move the rusted gears of Kousei’s passion and will to inspire, Kousei’s effort fell flat multiple times, yet she stood by him, putting up a strong front, just so that she could help him see the colors of life and of his music once again. Her input throughout the whole series was very amazing, because not one time did she give up on Kousei, and repeatedly came up with spontaneous ideas so she could inspire him despite having her own significant issues. She’s an incredible character and deserves all the good things the world can offer.

4- Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter


 This boy deserves the whole happiness in the world. Killua is one of the most caring characters I’ve ever come across in anime. He comes from a broken family where all that keeps them together is the fact that they are all assassins, and Killua never had someone genuinely care about him more than Gon. He cherishes his friend very much and doesn’t take any of part of their friendship for granted. Killua found the strength and the resolve to remove Illumi’s needle out of the desire to protect Gon, that speaks levels not only in how much he cares for his friend, but in the growth that resulted out of that friendship. In the environment Killua grew up, this kind of life of adventure, training, fun, trouble and growth with Gon was a far-fetched idea. Killua might have grown to become another heartless, cold Zoldyck, but seeing him diverge from that path and changing in character as a result of his adventures with Gon throughout the series made me very happy for him.

3- Erwin Smith – Attack on Titan

Screenshot (1002)

Where do I start with this man! The heart, the soul, and the brain behind any sort of progress the scouts have accomplished. Ever since he was a boy, Erwin searched for the truth, he started the conversation and got everyone’s gear’s turning, he relentlessly strived and did anything necessary to get answers. This man’s vision was bigger than anything, even his life, and fostered that state of mind in every single scout, which turned out to be extremely useful for the battle to retake Wall Maria. Had he not been THE commander Erwin Smith, the scouts might’ve just stayed frozen in fear awaiting their deaths, subsequently failing the entire mission. He was an incredible commander whose actions, both bad and good led to the major discoveries that happened in season 3. 

2- Yatogami  Noragami

I know you’ve seen this image 100 times on my blog, but it’s the only one of Yato I have at the moment

Yato manages to keep a smile on his face and tries to make everyone happy despite what he has been through and despite what he is still going through. Yato’s strength of character is a highlight in him, he always managed to put a smile on my face throughout the entire series, whether it was through his corny jokes, or by lighting up the mood simply by being here. When Yato teared up over Hiyori’s gift, that was like asking someone who’s holding back tears if they’re okay. Yato spent so much time and effort into becoming a god of fortune, in trying to change the view people had of him, just so he could be recognized as something other than calamity, and after so many attempts, most being unsuccessful, his dearest wish was unexpectedly granted, and I felt like he deserved it so much, that made me emotional. 


Honorable Mentions


1- Itachi Uchiha – Naruto


I know this is very, very mainstream, but Itachi’s actions cannot be ignored. His actions created the narrative we know of Naruto. Had he remained idle, Sasuke might’ve died, and neither us nor Naruto and Sakura would’ve wanted that, directing the story in a whole different manner. The sacrifices Itachi made, killing his own people and embodying a persona all for the sake of his little brother and the safety of the village he died to protect. A lot of characters in the story don’t even know the reason they’re at peace is because of this man. Itachi deserves all the happiness in the world!

2- Norman – The Promised Neverland ( s1)


Norman, Norman, Norman. Yet again another gem that gave his all to save his family. Despite the morally discouraging and heartbreaking setbacks, the kids of Grace Field House have Norman to thank for a huge part of their survival. His place in this list is based on season one of the anime and not anything else. I don’t know what the future holds for this series, but Norman is an incredible character.

3- Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer

Screenshot (1259).png

Although brand new, Tanjiro pulled at all the right heartstrings. To me the sweetest character I’d ever encountered was Gon from Hunter x Hunter, but a few episodes in Demon Slayer, and Tanjiro took that spot. Despite the horrible, horrible things that happened to this kid, he took on a duty he had no interest or purpose in all for the sake of his remaining family member and carries on with a smile on his face to prevent such disaster to ever befall anyone else. And despite how horrible the demons that caused all this nightmare for Tanjiro are, he is sympathetic and kind towards them. So much kindness and wisdom in this kid when he easily could’ve been a revenge and power hungry character that seeks the destruction of all demons. Nezuko could’ve made this list too, but I need to see a little more from her.

4- Hideyoshi Nagachika – Tokyo Ghoul (Manga)



There was a deviation the anime took that changed the original events, only to backtrack when RE came out. I chose to go with manga events for accuracy. This guy was ready to sacrifice his life for his best friend. He is one character that didn’t get much screentime but his role was very important. He is always there for Kaneki and he would be willing to sacrifice his life if it meant saving his friend. This guy deserves it all!


1 – Suwa – Orange

Suwa Orange

This man people. The events and character inputs in Orange are a very important aspect of the anime. Suwa is one of the main character whose input is unarguably the most pivotal of the entire series, Naho as well, but Suwa was much more assertive in his actions. Not only in his relationship with Kakeru, but in the decision he made that changed his life all for the sake of his friend’s survival. He could’ve ignored his future self’s plea and gone with his feelings despite his friend, but he didn’t. He sacrificed so much, and although he was happy in the end, it took him a lot to do what he did and he was responsible for a big part of the happiness of the group. This guy deserves all the happiness in return!


After a few days of trying to come up with something other than an anime review, I bring you this. I hope you enjoyed it, because I loved writing it, and since it’s been a while since I uploaded different content, I’m patting myself on the back with both hands! 

Anyone you think deserves to be on this list? I realized I watch a lot less anime than I thought I did before starting this blog so I might not know of some other gems lying out there. Thanks for reading.

Here you go again.

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