Demon Slayer Episode 15 Review

They are slowly but surely decreasing the pace of the show, and I’m not too happy about that.

When Demon Slayer started it packed a lot of adventure in just one episode. In episode 15, a few minutes after we discover the demon, the episode ends, usually Tanjiro throws in a few sword swings and some water techniques to cram in some action before the episode ends, but we didn’t get it this time.

Its pretty obvious it’s largely due to the screen time Zenitsu takes up with his reactions. Last episode, ever since the headbutt scene, the show took a sharp turn to the comedic, lightheartedness approach it gave us, and after everything the kids had been through, I absolutely did not mind, I felt it was a much needed break for them, and we could use one too, so I wasn’t annoyed at them or the fact that we didn’t get any significant plot development. However, after this episode, it would seem they have their balance completely tilted when it comes to playful frivolity versus serious content. Throughout the first half of the episode, the boys were kind of fooling around again, but even as they got to the foot of the mountain where the tone of the episode changed, Zenitsu decided to act up right then. That was disappointing to see, especially as the episode ended without a good fight, the minutes were consumed on Zenitsu.

When Tanjiro and Inosuke charged in, I was really happy to see them work so well together. Inosuke can have his moments, but they more or less fit within the tone and didn’t bother me too much, it also helped that he stayed serious and showcased his skills during the mountain mission, I wouldn’t mind him teaming up with Tanjiro all the time. The absence of Zenitsu was noted and what a peaceful time that was. I don’t hate him, I think he’s a good guy and it looks like he is honestly trying, but he’s making it really hard to appreciate his presence.

Also, Tanjiro seems to have the same mesmerizing aura as his sister, Inosuke was stunned to see so much kindness directed at him. 

At last, Giyu will make his appearance! I was so excited to see him, I can’t wait for him to meet Tanjiro and Nezuko. The demon on the mountain seems to be a kizuki or at least the location is close to their hideout apparently. Next episode looks promising, I hope Zenitsu will fall asleep so that we get an epic episode. 

I hope the show finds a way to integrate Zenitsu’s over the top personality much better, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, especially when it comes to episodes with significant occurrences and development. Now that the show is back on track, he seems to be going on the same streak of over the top reactions while the tone and content of the episode are not allowing for this much comedy, his interjections break immersion and for this kind of episode, they will most likely always miss the mark, not to mention consume lots of time that could’ve been attributed to better.

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2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 15 Review

  1. It’s crazy that this series has taken such an odd deviation from the original tone. Had it just continued as it was it would have been great. Like you said, I’m hoping they can find a way to make Zenitsu work.

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    1. I’m used to seeing anime deviate from their normal tone every now and then for intermission-like episodes, but they never carry over that tone to the next episode at the same level. I hope Zenitsu can merge with his other half soon so that we get a more manageable Zenitsu and the series can get back and retain its original mood.

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