Demon Slayer Episode 16 Review

Tanjiro and Inosuke are back at it again with the teamwork. Inosuke has developed somewhat of a rivalry with Tanjiro and gets pretty rowdy when he wants to show off, but thankfully it doesn’t get to the level of Zenitsu so it’s much more palatable.

The way Tanjiro and Inosuke teamworked on the demon’s most powerful puppet was pretty impressive. That’s the kind of chemistry I had expected and wanted to see ever since the characters started to bond, so I was really satisfied to see these two work so well together and with minimal, short interjections.

The spider demon seemed pretty ominous and very powerful at first, but after the scene with her son, it seemed like she was a puppet herself. How ironic. 

My favorite part of this episode was the way Tanjiro put her to rest, I couldn’t call that killing or slaying because everything about it was peaceful and amazing. I started to feel sympathetic towards the demon when she was somewhat threatened by her son. I realized instead of her being the most powerful demon on this mountain, she was actually under the mercy of even more powerful and heartless demons, her own “family”. When she got ready to receive the final blow, Tanjiro took notice and immediately changed his breathing technique resulting in a blissful, painless slash that the demon was ever so grateful to have received.

The flashbacks of her backstory were terrible. The father, which I assume is the Kizuki, was terribly harsh to her, painting a picture of quite the abusive relationship. Her reactions to her son mentioning his name, and her reaction to her impending death made her mental situation pretty clear as she rather die than remain in the clutches of this “family”. Although I didn’t like how she killed those poor demon slayers, her situation was pretty sad to see.

Now, I didn’t want to talk about Zenitsu’s ridiculous interjections on this post, simply because I don’t want my posts to be redundant and I think Demon Slayer has a lot more to offer than Zenitsu. However, it’s incredibly hard to ignore his whining and over the top reactions and how they affect the episode, the anime and it’s viewing experience. Although he wasn’t very present in this episode, twice during Tanjiro and Inosuke’s fight with the demon, we were cut off to get a Zenitsu moment, and what did we get? Zenitsu crying out for Nezuko, that’s it, that’s literally it! No split personality take over, no character development however small, but him whining for Nezuko. The episode cuts off epic, vintage Demon Slayer content for this. The lawsuit is fully resumed!

We didn’t get Giyu or Kizuki this episode, so the pace is indeed slowing down, but I did like the contents of this week’s episode so I’m not too mad at that it, and could be because we just started a new arc and the story is trying to get everything together before it can launch us.  

All and all, I’m still enjoying Demon Slayer and will keep watching it. This show always brings something unexpected even when we are familiar with a lot of things already, and the child of light is still pulling at all the right heartstrings. I’m excited about next episode because it seems we’ll finally get Kizuki and Giyu and that already says a lot.



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