Demon Slayer Episode 17 Review

Finally a sort of character development for Zenitsu.

This week’s episode gave almost all of the limelight to Zenitsu, from his backstory to striking victory against spider demon, Zenitsu finally realized he had potential all along and that it is time to use it. It’s BEEN time!

I wasn’t all impressed or suddenly sympathetic but that’s a good change for Zenitsu even though its a few episodes late. His backstory had touching moments but there wasn’t anything groundbreaking, Zenitsu had been struggling with his uselessness and constant whining even before he became a demon slayer and after this episode I hope it’s going to change and take the over the top reactions with it. 

Going on to our duo, Inosuke might just pass out again if he keeps trying to act tough while he’s all wounded. Other than their little back and forths of bickering, there wasn’t much about these two. It really came together at the end, where the Kizuki appeared.

I’m pretty convinced he is the Kizuki considering Tanjiro’s move did not even scratch him, but I’m a little disappointed in the design. I have never been a fan of animal/insect faces with human-like bodies. I haven’t watched a lot of anime with these types of designs simply because of it. Demon Slayer has been giving us amazing artworks when it comes to demons and how they incorporate their blood arts into the overall look of the demon, but this one was a bit lazy and just looks flat, it’s a disappointing design for a Kizuki. I bet he has perfect pronunciation despite lacking a human mouth and tongue.

The fight looks pretty promising, Giyu and co. have yet to show up but I think now’s the time! The boys are wounded and they will NOT be able to pull a “I love your blood art” curve ball and defeat this Kizuki, absolutely not. Last time it was a first, but this Kizuki looks much more brute and berserker-like and is much stronger too so backup will be a must. Tanjiro seems fine but that’s not the point!




2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 17 Review

  1. I loved the Zenitsu arc with the spiders with human heads, but I didn’t see anything in his flashbacks that made me feel sympathetic towards his over-the-too reactions. I was expecting something tragic and moving, but Tanjiro’s past was far worse. Hopefully, now he’ll realize that he does have the power to be useful and it’ll stop all the shrieking.

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    1. Thats exactly how I felt. He realized his power at the end of his fight which should help him overcome his cowardice and fix all of these reactions that come with it. Let’s hope for a renewed Zenitsu in the coming episodes.

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