Demon Slayer Episode 18 Review

The guts they have to end episode 18 like that !

This week’s episode had a fair number of surprises in it. First let’s dive into the Kizuki situation. 

From the mother spider’s reaction to her son mentioning father, to father’s overwhelming strength in the face of the duo and his later transformation, it wouldn’t be odd to think he was the Kizuki despite the disappointing design. However, it would seem as if the son is in fact the Kizuki. His aura, demeanor, design and frightening ability checks all the boxes of a Twelve Kizuki member, in my opinion of course. I found it unusual that Tanjiro didn’t notice the difference in power between the son and the father after being overwhelmed by the prior’s aura. However, the mark on the eye wasn’t revealed, so it cannot be confirmed, that means for all we know, the baby headed spiders could be the Kizuki.

It was really nice to see Tanjiro use his quick thinking to turn the tables for him and Inosuke, reminded me of Midoriya. Favorable situations or easy way outs aren’t just handed to them, but they still figure something out, these little things add a lot of surprise and excitement in the anime.

Tanjiro’s character when it comes to fighting is rubbing off on Inosuke, the latter decided to make Tanjiro his rival but he’s learning a lot from him despite not wanting to admit it. It was pretty interesting seeing him come up with a way to defeat father spider even though his attempts kept failing and he almost died. Not wanting to “lose” to Tanjiro is really pushing him to be his best, or at least get there.


About the baby spiders, can’t they produce some sort of cure for poor suffering Zenitsu? His limbs seemed to have retracted, I hope he isn’t turning into a spider, and if that’s the case I hope there’s a cure! As annoying as he can be, he does not deserve this, especially after pulling such an epic move on the abomination that did this to him. I hope Butterfly lady can come up with something.

Also, I love the voice actress of the butterfly lady, I think she also voiced Shinoa Hiragi from Owari no Seraph, there’s a playful yet ominous tone to her voice and I love it. Her appearance in front of Zenitsu was so well portrayed, it was so smooth and perfect, this was art !

Back to father spider scene, the difference in power between Giyu and Inosuke couldn’t have been made clearer, and in that showcased Giyu’s level. What seemed like a routine kill for him was a losing death battle for Inosuke. I wasn’t surprised at the water breathing he used, seeing how he had addressed Urokodaki in the letter he sent to recommend Tanjiro and Nezuko in the beginning, I thought he may have been a disciple at some point.

Okay now onto the ending. What on mother nature’s earth! First of all, the sword broke, his brand new flashy weapon everyone made a scene about, was sliced like butter by a spider web. But the terrifying outcome of that was left for next episode. Typical.

The thing is, I do not see a way out for our hero. The sword was inches to his face, but it wouldn’t be smart to think the main character is going to die in his own series, therefore something has got to happen. Is the little sister spider going to intervene? Tanjiro’s words seemed to have reached her, but would she dare go against her brother? Nevertheless, the situation remains that Tanjiro is now pretty much weaponless against a powerful opponent. A lot is left for next episode and as usual I can’t wait for it.



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