Demon Slayer Episode 19 Review

Demon Slayer really outdid itself with that episode.

Everything about it was carefully calculated so that we’d get the amazing, breathtaking moment we got towards the ending.

This week the writers effectively removed Zenitsu and Inosuke from the picture by tying one up and have the other fall asleep. From the contents of that episode, overuse of silly interjections would’ve destroyed it, so props to them for that.

Back to the cliffhanger ending of last episode, this episode brushed it off as a scratch, I basically worried for nothing. It was later revealed however that Rui did not want to kill Tanjiro unless he took his words back, so it adds up. 

Screenshot (2014)

With Zenitsu and Inosuke out of the way, the stage was set for the original, the magnificent, the ultimate pair of the Kamado siblings, Tanjiro and Nezuko. I was happy to see her, I had not expected her to come out like that, so it was a surprise. She got all wounded and bloody and Tanjiro was pretty hurt too. It was looking pretty dark for them. 

I had expected Giyu to arrive at that moment, but I realized that this show rarely ever does “sudden saves”. A lot of opponents either Tanjiro or other characters had to face, did it by themselves no matter how dire the situation was. They only used it for Inosuke recently. So it got pretty stressful watching Tanjiro go up against that lower five Kizuki. 

The stress levels kept increasing steadily as the Kizuki was getting more and more impatient and ready to kill Tanjiro. When Tanjiro unleashed his most powerful Water Breathing technique, my hopes went up but immediately went down when the threads turned red. It was then, in a little flashback moment we see Tanjiro’s father dancing to Hinokami as little Tanjiro stood amazed, the scene returns to the present, and with all the desire to protect his family, Tanjiro unleashes an unseen ability bearing the same name of the god, Hinokami that merges with the water technique.

During a frenzy of insanely well portrayed sword slashes, Tanjiro closes in on Rui, ready to die as the threads would cut him after he cuts Rui, Nezuko-sama bearing that same burning desire unleashes her Blood Art and wastes no time to use it and catches Rui off guard which then gives Tanjiro the opportunity to decapitate him without risking his life. With an incredible combined attack from the blessed siblings, Rui’s head parts from his shoulders.

AH! Can we take a moment! 

That scene was so incredible and so very well portrayed, the studio did an outstanding job with this amazing directing and animation, they make art I tell you. We even heard Nezuko speak, she actually spoke during her Blood Art invocation, does that mean she’s lucid now? That would be great!

Tanjiro and Nezuko are what Demon Slayer is about, and I would’ve had no problem watching a show about these two only! I guess they felt the need to add Inosuke and Zenistu to water it down so that they wouldn’t overuse the duo, but after this week’s episode, I don’t want to see anyone else on my screen other than Tanjiro and Nezuko and that’s that.

They might have trouble following up with that episode if they intend to go back to the silly interjections and I hope they don’t. Zenistu pulled a serious one on brother spider and Inosuke was showing progress against father spider, so I’d like to at least keep it that way, that would make the series so much better. 

 Also, the sudden appearance of their family is a bit strange, they had first appeared after Giyu had knocked out Tanjiro in the beginning, and now their mother appeared to Nezuko, not as a memory, but as a ethereal type of being that spoke to her in real time. I don’t mind it at all, but it reminds me of Sabito and Makomo and the other dead students that are watching over Tanjiro and it’s a bit strange how they are there in real time.

Anyhow, Blood Art Nezuko and Hinokami-enhanced Tanjiro were just way too awesome, this was my favorite episode of the summer season so far.

I am very much looking forward to more, I have a feeling we might be getting a cooldown episode soon, but this series has delivered a whole lot and the main duo has grown and made so much progress since the beginning, I’m looking forward to what the remaining episodes have in store for them.

Screenshot (2125).png


This post came out a little late, and there might also be a lateness in next week’s post as well. I’m in the process of moving and dealing with lots of other paperwork so I don’t have much time to read and write. I’ll sort it out soon and things should be back in order before the end of the month. Thanks for understanding. 





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