Demon Slayer Episode 20 Review

I expected the Hashira ranked to be strong, but Giyu and Shinobu were off the charts.

Poor Tanjiro was so exhausted, he couldn’t even move his arm, I admired his determination but he had reached his limit. I don’t know how or when Rui had the time to cut off his head during last week’s onslaught, but I guess they needed to put that in for Giyu’s appearance since sudden saving seems to be the only way this guy will intervene. He did not disappoint however.

Here I am on the edge of thinking that Tanjiro is too overpowered when characters like Giyu Tomioka exist. The release of his eleventh form subtly called Tanjiro green and dispersed the kizuki’s seemingly strongest attack into nothingness, then in the blink of an eye, Giyu proceeds to slash Rui’s head.

Giyu constantly keeps the same calm state and mundane expression despite fighting a strong enemy as if this was simply another routine kill. I suppose unless it’s a upper level Kizuki, it won’t be worth it going all out. That says a lot about the Hashira level strength.

The flashback of sister spider’s life were pretty unnecessary and dragged longer than needed. It’s clear they are stretching out their content to end on a certain note, there were some tragic situations such as the betrayal, I thought that was awful, but I could’ve done without knowing anything about how Rui’s pretend family came about. 

But then, it was after that Shinobu graciously entered the scene. She along with Giyu remind me of the Gotei 13 captains from Bleach, they are so mysterious and powerful and each of them seem to have either been through a lot or are plain mysterious and scary, which I love. Shinobu’s voice and acting this episode was so on point, it matched exactly with the character I expected her to be. And while I did not expect bug breathing, I love the unique sword she has that slowly poisons the demons she stabs. So gracious and beautiful yet so vicious. 

That episode was nice ending to the whole mountain spider arc. This post is so late that by the time it comes out, the next episode will be out, so let me waste no time in following up! 

5 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 20 Review

  1. I do like that we’ve been given a sense of perspective about Tanjiro’s abilities here. It gives him a lot more room to grow and lots more to learn. What I want to know is why the demon slayer organisation seems so willing to send its few surviving members (given they kill so many in the entrance exam) to their death.

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    1. it could be because that’s the only way to forge them into the next generation of Hashiras. But it’s still odd how the Hashira ranked are unbelievably strong yet powerful demons and Kizukis still roam the land.

      There is a lot of mystery and darkness surrounding the Demon Slayer corps and questions raised from situations like these make it all the more interesting to uncover the truth of this organisation.

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