Demon Slayer Episode 21 Review

Tell me why I said I was going to write this post right after the previous one but then end up writing it the very day the next episode is out! What is my life!

Anyways, episode 21 was very interesting. We got to see a different side of Giyu for once, and even Shinobou a little, and I had not expected that. It was mildly funny, but didn’t break the tone or anything, and it added some layers to the mysterious Hashiras.

This episode also focused a little on Rui’s past life as expected, I’m not sure why it wasn’t included in the previous episode alongside the pretend family origins backstory, but oh well. Tanjiro was as sweet as ever, and I’m so glad the demons get to witness that before they completely disappear. Hashiras could learn a thing or three from our child of light. 

Nezuko-sama dodging student butterfly lady’s sword slashes was so funny and cute, that was one of the highlights of this episode. However, I did not like how student butterfly lady was so robotic towards eliminating demons, her teacher apparently had the same motto, she didn’t even stop to consider why another one of her mates was protecting Nezuko-sama. 

But, My favorite part of all of it was actually the ending. The Gotei 13 and the Espadas, the Zodiacs and the Phantom Troupe, the Kages and the Akatsuki, the pro-heroes and the League of Villains etc… almost all of the typical shounen anime have a little elite, badass group of people that are top notch in doing what they do on both the good and the bad side, while we follow the story of the little beginner. No matter how overused these tropes are I live for them! Needless to say, I was very excited to see the Hashiras standing in front of Tanjiro. I’m still wondering why Muzan is still alive when these Pillars exist, but I guess the upper class Kizuki rival them in strength which just adds to the excitement. 

Screenshot (120).png

Without further ado, next episode’s review WILL be written tonight before I fall asleep. I am aware that I need to get it together, I should probably start writing on buses or during my library hours, but thanks for stopping by and reading my late posts 🙂

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