Demon Slayer Episode 22 Review

As much as I think they look cool and probably have awesome powers, the Hashiras were a little disappointing this episode.

First of all, I did not appreciate how childish they were dealing with that situation. For an elite group of Demon Slayers, you’d have expected them to be more refined and serious in that particular situation. Second of all, the Hashiras have seen and fought countless demons, so they know what demons are like. Therefore, the mere fact that Nezuko had not fed in TWO years despite travelling with a human should have been enough substance for consideration. Now third! which is the one I am mostly mad about, their reaction to their master’s judgement. The very master they quickly got on their knees for and brought out their best vocabulary to greet, is someone I’m pretty sure they’d take his judgement heavily, yet despite his decision to accept the duo and revealing the letter, adding former Hashira Urokodaki and current Hashira Tomioka to the pile, the other hammerheads outright refused to acknowledge the duo or at the very least consider the possibility even out of respect for the amount of lives and consideration that is put behind the duo even from their own master. It’s as if all of the above had no weight on their judgement whatsoever, which is incredibly childish, disrespectful and disappointing of a Hashira ranked Demon Slayer. 

Now, I don’t hate the hashira or think they are irredeemable characters. The above paragraph might sound a little harsh, but I needed to express my disappointment. Also not all of them were so hard headed, Shinobu and Love Hashira, my new favorite, were pretty open to listening and learning more about the situation at least. However, I do understand somewhat where the others are coming from even though they have every reason to take it down a notch or three. Nezuko-sama remains the purest demon ever, but that sort of situation which is given in the form of test would’ve come about sooner or later, so next episode’s reveal is going to be very important. 

Following up on the hard heads, Tanjiro headbutting wind Hashira for his egregious mistake was very satisfying! He ought to learn how to treat Nezuko-sama.

Screenshot (130).png

The last thing I want to talk mention is my surprise when I realized that Tanjiro’s encounter with Muzan was the most “contact” anyone from the slayer corps have ever made even the Hashira. I think that’s a little odd, but I guess we’ll learn more about it next episode. 


2 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 22 Review

  1. Yeah, the Muzan connection also should have been enough for them to sit up and listen. They all seemed very keen to ask him questions, but Wind Hashira was more interested in being the bad guy.

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