Demon Slayer Episode 23 Review

“Please allow me to headbutt him as many times as he stabbed Nezuko” – Kamado Tanjiro

The above quote pretty much summarized this week’s episode. And what did I tell you, Sanemi got what was coming to him, Nezuko-sama flipping her head in disgust. I loved how the master’s assistant ladies accentuated the fact that she flipped her head in disgust!

However controversial it was, I have to admit that Urokodaki’s “brainwashing” brought the pair really far and has helped Nezuko a lot with controlling herself. He must’ve know that the Hashiras would’ve not let it slide had she harmed a hair out of a human, so these drastic measures were a must. It seems that now Nezuko has taken it as her own conviction rather than through the brainwashing which is really amazing. 

Also, it was surprising to hear the master mention Lady Tamayo. It felt surprising at first, but lady Tamayo is ancient, powerful and mysterious enough for it not to be a surprise that she knows the Slayer corps master. I can’t wait for the backstory.

Zenitsu and Inosuke are back in the picture and I can’t really say I’m too thrilled considering how loud and immature Zenistu was right off the bat. I’m not heartless however, I was glad to see them recovering after everything they had been through and I was happy for Tanjiro because he saw his friends were okay and felt really happy he even cried, but talk about an abrupt change from the master’s soothing voice to Zenistu’s screeches. 

Screenshot (191).png

The last scene of this episode was very much a declaration of war, and I am so ready for it. I’m not sure if next week’s episode will be the last, but I’m pretty curious as to how this amazing series’ first season will end, I’m expecting a strong cliffhanger, but we’ll see.





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