Demon Slayer Episode 24 Review

After the last few episodes of pure epic action, how could we not expect a cool-down episode.

This one was a little less enjoyable than the last one, I found the last one funnier, other than the training and some other little moments in that episode, there wasn’t anything much to it at all.

When I thought Zenitsu was on to something when he dragged the boys out, all he did was complain and whine about how lucky the two others were while he was resting, and made a whole scene. I found it so disappointing. 

Most of the episode was a collection of moments like these, so I’m not going to dwell on them, rather I’ll talk about a few things that stood out.

Screenshot (194).png

First was the departure of Fire Hashira Rengoku. I don’t know about you, but nothing said ” I’m not coming back, my death will showcase the enemy’s power” more than that scene at the beginning of the episode. I might be wrong, but this was the vibe I got from it. I don’t want Rengoku to die even though he seems like such a flat character, at least I want to see some cool fire breathing techniques first! 

Next was Tanjiro’s training and student butterfly (I’m sorry I forgot her name). Student butterfly was already impressive, but the fact that she has so much more training over Tanjiro is even more so. When the trio of girls told Tanjiro about maintaining his breathing technique round the clock, it really put in perspective how powerful and skilled the Hashiras are. 


While we’re at it, that conversation between Kocho and Tanjiro finally shed some light into what’s going on with her. It’s no surprise that she is mysterious, all the Hashiras are. But I’m glad we learned a little more about her, like I said a few episode ago, the Hashira most likely have had their fair share of devastating/heartbreaking encounters with demons that led them to become Hashiras, so hearing Kocho’s story added some more layers to her and lifted quite the weight off her chest since she was able to share it, probably for the first time, with our child of light.

Screenshot (200).png

Tanjiro is changing the game and I am so here for it. He inspired Giyu and now Kocho and even the Master has shown interest in him, and we know Tanjiro is special, he’s probably the only demons slayer that shows this much compassion to his kills, and stands firmly behind what he believes in. I can’t wait to see him develop even more.



9 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 24 Review

    1. yes when she said she can rest easy was very alarming however I don’t think she’ll do anything, at least not now or like this. Because that would be disappointing. She has come this far only to put her dream in somebody else’s hand? It wouldn’t’ feel right at all, I hope she won’t take her life.

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      1. I don’t think she’ll take her own life, but letting go of the thing that’s been driving her could have a negative effect on her. If anything, she’ll probably let her anger take over and that’s not always a good thing.

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    1. I know, but like I told Lynn, it would be disappointing to see someone who’s come this far take her life just like that. I would take it better if she sacrifices herself for someone, but I hope and don’t think she’ll do anything to herself right when the Hashiras are so needed in the world.

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      1. I agree. I think she’ll die in the next season getting revenge for her sister. It seems that I think that Rengoku will probably die at the end of this season to set up the next season.

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