Demon Slayer Episode 25 Review

Exam week is no joke! 

This week I should be able to resume reading and writing to some extent. I apologize for the lateness. 

Okay, episode 25 didn’t really bring much to the table. It was almost like a part 2 of the previous cool-down episode, but with a little more training. We did hear Nezuko-sama’s voice somehow while she is still gagged. I don’t know that works, but how refreshing was that especially to Tanjiro. His sister still has some humanity left, which is huge!

While we got served a big death flag last week, the very object of the death flag is needed to disclose valuable info to Tanjiro and us! I also want to know about this whole Hinokami power up. And how odd is it that Fire breathing is not the same as Flame Breathing, interesting and mysterious.

My favorite part was Kanao’s backstory. It was sad at first but it quickly turned into a funny story when she was taken in by Kanae.  

  • This might not be funny reading it like this, but I was cackling watching this at 1 am. 

Another one was Tanjiro constantly apologizing on Inosuke’s behalf during the scene where he received his swords.

I pretty much expect those episodes now and although I don’t really like how they don’t fit with the initial vibe of Demon Slayer, which if you need clarification, please refer to episode 19, I liked this week’s episode. It was full of silly and over the top moments, but I don’t mind them going all out during cool down episodes because then they don’t interrupt anything, the whole episode is made for frivolity. Also, some scenes were actually funny unlike when Zenitsu does his commentaries…

Seeing how this episode ended, it seems we’ll be back in business for the next episode, and I’m very excited. 

3 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 25 Review

    1. haha jumping to conclusion faster than Giyu killed Rui. It is pretty obvious but I don’t want them to dispose of Rengoku so quickly, we have barely seen anything from him and we know how badass Hashiras can be. I’m hoping for at least an episode 19 worthy fight before he dies.

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