Demon Slayer Episode 26 Review

I was expecting a much more upbeat episode for a season finale

However, I liked it. The episode started with a super scary, gory, and an unexpected turn of events. Muzan finally reappeared, I don’t know if he was dressed as a woman or completely shifted into one, regardless Muzan was more dreadful here than he was back at the alley scene.

I usually don’t like when bad guys somewhat turn on each other and kill each other, mainly because in doing so, they usually dispose of very powerful characters that would’ve given the protagonist a hard time and end up indirectly helping the main character. But here, Tanjiro has mastered “Zensu-chu” constant, plus he defeated two lower rank Kizuki before, meaning none of the grunts Muzan got rid of would’ve stood a chance against a trained Tanjiro, so it wasn’t a loss. On the contrary, things are looking tense for our main characters as the sole survivor of the lower ranks is after Tanjiro and a Hashira, which both have been served to him during that ending train scene. Setting up the stage beautifully for an impactful season 2 opening.

Rengoku’s foreshadowed death may have been postponed or perhaps revoked. The Kizuki on top of the train was given more blood and by that his current strength inches closer to that of a top ranked Kizuki. By the way, how incredible is it that the top ranks have stayed the same for over a century! The Hashiras will be facing quite the formidable enemies.

It is likely that the trio will team up with Rengoku to lay waste to demons until they bump into a roadblock, maybe even literally! 

The scene between Tanjiro and Kanao was beautiful, I’m so glad he finally got her to not just talk, but open her eyes. The thread that had snapped in her childhood got sewed back in that moment and I loved it. I am very much looking forward to see her grow. Character development check. We’re going to need all hands on deck when Muzan decides to unleash the beasts on Slayer Corps HQ, and that means this Tsuguko will have to start making her own decisions.

I remember when My Hero Academia came out, I thought I wasn’t going to like it so didn’t watch it despite all the hype. One time I got so bored and needed a new series that I picked it up, but season 2 was already right around the corner. By the time I finished season 1, it was already out, and I was so glad! I felt like I needed season 2 right away and it was there, now Demon Slayer is giving me that right now, just that season 2 is probably a year away. I love this anime a lot, despite all the frivolity that interrupted some great episodes, it still pulled through and delivered epic content such as episode 19, anything done by Nezuko-sama, and the rare moments Zenitsu’s alter ego appeared and so much more. 

I can’t wait for season 2, but we have lots of upcoming titles to feast on while we wait.(INCLUDING THE MOVIE OMG!) What a great series this was to watch and review. 


4 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Episode 26 Review

  1. I was late to the MHA party and binged season one and two back to back and then straight into season three as it aired. I also got to see the movie at the cinema. This series is giving me similar feels. I need to see the movie and can’t wait for season two.

    Muzan is getting to be a more and more terrifying villain. His brief appearance back at the beginning of the season was more than enough, but his appearance in this episode was awesome.

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