My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 1-2 Review

Did you really think I wasn’t going to review MHA S4?

Of course I am! Much like everyone else, I was very impatient for this season. Season 3 ended with a lot of setting up for this season and I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

I didn’t have the highest of expectations for the first episode, I was expecting a recap or a sort of slow introduction to the season, and that’s pretty much what we got, until episode two however. 

We already know about the whole symbol peace retiring and the world feeling as if they’re in this kind of limbo until a new one pops up, so I’m not going to dwell on how Midoriya is the chosen one and whatever else. 

Rather, I’ll jump right into episode 2. My favorite part was Overhaul’s introduction. However, I did not like how they used (the guy who exploded) as a scapegoat to showcase Overhaul. I felt it was forced, the character had no reason to attack, much less do it so recklessly, they could’ve done it better. It was horrible and scary, but that made me like Overhaul even more, he’s so badass and clearly super powerful and he looks a lot more daring than Tomura. When he explained his plan, it made things a lot more exciting, it felt like it added structure and leadership to the scattered villains. I would definitely vote for him as the leader of both branches if they end up merging somehow. He sounds like he’s got a lot more potential to be a more astute evil mastermind than Tomura, plus he’s got a league of villains of his own. I’m not too found of the beak situation that’s going on with him, but he’s badass enough for me to ignore.

The enemy has the to potential to get so much stronger, I feel the tension is rising as the main cast has no idea what’s coming to them. Screenshot (302).png

Also, Mirio is an interesting character, I find his constant good mood a little suspicious, but I might be reading too much into it. 

Screenshot (308).png

Could Nighteye be a doppleganger for Knov from Hunter x Hunter? I couldn’t stop thinking about it while watching.


3 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 1-2 Review

  1. I agree about Magne charging in to attack Overhaul and not to mention the odd flashback we got with it. Surely, they are aware that 80% of the population have quirks that have an endless possibility. You don’t just blindly attack people, especially someone that waltzed into your base and called you a bunch of disorganised losers. It’s a hell of a bluff or he can back it up, but are you willing to rish it?

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