My Hero Academia Season 4 episode 3-5 Review

I blink and we’re already 5 episodes in ! I hope my next review won’t be a 6-12 review.

Anyhow, starting with episode 3, the season was still on to a slow start, introducing new characters here and there and setting up general plot points to sort of let us know where it’s headed. 

Then, episode 4 came about and dramatically changed to the tone of the season. Deku’s encounter with Overhaul was one of the most intense scenes yet. I loved how Midoriya thought carefully about his actions and words as he couldn’t just leave Eri-chan but he also had to take the purpose of this undercover mission into account. I was impressed! 

Screenshot (326)

In the alley scene that followed, I thought Overhaul was going to attack them, but I thought his hands would just pass right through Mirio. But then Eri-chan saw the move from Overhaul quickly returned and appeased the situation.

While we’re on the subject of intensity, in episode 5, I loved the talk between Shigaraki and Hassaikai. Back in episode 2, it seemed as if Shigaraki was completely pushed to a corner not having any other solution. But he didn’t let Shie get his way and bargained for an outcome that also works for him. He’s got a lot more wits than I thought.

Okay now let’s make way for Red Riot! I had no idea that was his hero name by the way, now I won’t be forgetting. How awesome was that when Kirishima surpassed his limits against that crack-head. In the flashback, who knew Bakugo could give such enlightening advice, it was very mature of Kirishima to acknowledge and talk about his shortcomings like that, the story is fleshing out more people than just Bakugo and Deku, nice! 

Screenshot (360)

The season is taking solid shape in serving us these epic scenes, as with the previous seasons, we can probably expect to have another League of Villains vs Heroes soon, I also want to know what OH plans to do and more about his quirk, he is going to cause serious trouble for our heroes. 

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