Hello and Welcome to my blog everyone ! My name is Sir Meliodas, yes, the sin of  Wrath bringing you the 3 Rs of anime: Reviews, Recommendations, and Ratings. Through this blog, I will review, rate and possibly recommend, through spoiler-free reviews, all sorts of anime with different genres, and not just mainstream. If you’re someone who only knows about mainstream anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Fairy Tail or One-Piece and so on, you’re in for an amazing surprise, as there are so many other amazing stories like these you have yet to discover, and you came to the right place.

Not all anime are the same, we all know that, so when rating, I will denote some special anime with a star *, according to my opinion of course. Some anime have left a lasting impression on me, some because they were so epic, and others because I learned something from them. I decided whenever I’ll be rating such an anime, I will mark it with a star (*). It’s my own personal opinion, you may not think that this particular anime is “Hall of Fame” worthy, but to me it is.

Also, please don’t compare the ratings of 2 anime of different genres. Slice of life is not the same as horror, there is a lot more to take in consideration in horror anime, so don’t think one is better than the other because the score is higher or vice versa, they have different genres and therefore should be interpreted differently. Thank you.

One more thing, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments about anything I post. I really would like to hear what you guys have to say, whether you disagree or simply want to add something. Below, I left a few images of some anime I’ll review soon, if you don’t recognize any of them, don’t worry, a review about them will be up soon and so many more, so stay tuned and feel free to leave any recommendations for me as well.  I hope you enjoy, thank you.