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My Thoughts on Toxic Bias and Fairytail

What’s up everyone, how are you guys? Have you been tackling the day with positivity and confidence? You better. Today, I’m travelling back to my home country for my little brother’s graduation, and I’m really exited about it. In today’s post, I finally talk about Fairytail, all is about to be revealed, and I will also […]

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Vampire Knight – Anime Review

Genre: : Drama, Romance, Mystery, Shoujo, Vampire, Supernatural Released: 2008-Completed OVERVIEW Vampire Knight is a story about this academy, cause that’s where the entire anime happens, and this academy is divided into 2 types of classes, the day class and the night class. From the title you can guess what’s going on in the night class, […]

Anime Review

Noragami – Anime Review

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural Released: 2014-2015 OVERVIEW In Japanese religion, of Noragami of course, exists many gods, each are born to fulfill a purpose. Gods are born from the wishes of people and gods exist until they have fulfilled that purpose. Should a god die, if his/her purpose is eternally ongoing, the god will […]