Demon Slayer Episode 23 Review

"Please allow me to headbutt him as many times as he stabbed Nezuko" - Kamado Tanjiro The above quote pretty much summarized this week's episode. And what did I tell you, Sanemi got what was coming to him, Nezuko-sama flipping her head in disgust. I loved how the master's assistant ladies accentuated the fact that … Continue reading Demon Slayer Episode 23 Review

Demon Slayer Episode 19 Review

Demon Slayer really outdid itself with that episode. Everything about it was carefully calculated so that we'd get the amazing, breathtaking moment we got towards the ending. This week the writers effectively removed Zenitsu and Inosuke from the picture by tying one up and have the other fall asleep. From the contents of that episode, … Continue reading Demon Slayer Episode 19 Review